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Doctor consultations from #AnywhereAnytime using just a mobile phone

During the Covid-19 pandemic traveling is no longer convenient as we all try to stay home as much as possible, especially in areas that have been deemed “highly controlled” by the Center for Disease Control (CDC). However, you can still access Samitivej services online through the following channels:

  • Samitivej patients on regular medication can make an appointment for an online VDO consultation with their doctor. Samitivej also provides a free home medication delivery service, including a 20% discount on medicine fees.
  • Samitivej patients who have an existing appointment to discuss their symptoms can now attend an online VDO consultation with their doctor.
  • Existing and new patients can attend an online VDO consultation with a Samitivej doctor.

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Consultations for general patients and the elderly

  • Spinal and other orthopedic issues
  • Dermatological concerns
  • Snoring (obstructive sleep apnea)
  • Allergies and respiratory problems
  • Diabetic patients
  • Liver and GI disorders
  • Women’s health (for example menstruation issues and infertility problems)
  • General health conditions (for example high blood pressure, vertigo, migraines, insomnia, stress, and depression)
  • Geriatric health (for example general health, safe use of medication, nutrition information, mental health and depression, sight and vision)
  • Health Rehabilitation from Long COVID (LONG COVID CENTER)

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