Samitivej will gladly provide all patients with
a complete copy of their medical records.

Patients requesting
historical records

In order to process all of the information, we ask that you request your medical history seven to 10 working days in advance. We also ask that you supply written consent for the release of your medical information as well as a passport or other form of valid photo ID.

Inpatients requesting
records of their current visit

For inpatients staying with us at the hospital, we can make sure that all records pertaining to your treatment are available upon discharge. However, you should submit a request for these records at the beginning of your stay to give us time to assemble all of the information.

Patients requesting
imaging records

We are also able to provide electronic files of any X-Rays or imaging work that has been done. Please let us know if you would like a copy of your scans for future use. Imaging records are delivered on CD-ROM, and can be picked up in person or posted by mail. Imaging records cannot be sent via email.

If you need scans or copies of medical records to be mailed back to your home country for any reason, please contact our Email Correspondence Team with your inquiry at