As a JCI-accredited hospital in Southeast Asia,
Samitivej is committed to upholding the following vision, mission and values.


It is our vision to be a leader in the healthcare industry in Thailand. We strive to offer our patients the most comprehensive medical care possible. We aim to provide our doctors with the cutting- edge technology and supportive infrastructure necessary to do the best work they can.

“ We promise to treat our employees fairly and to create a positive working environment. ”

Finally, we pledge to be a upstanding, integral part of our local communities and to promote socially responsible corporate initiatives.


We aim to achieve our vision throughout all of our facilities by ensuring that everyhospital or clinic that bears the Samitivej name lives up to our promises.

We consistently maintain our high standards of healthcare, no matter where we are located.


At Samitivej, we respect the value of every human life. We recognize the basic rights of our patients and their families, and will ensure that they are treated with dignity. We honor the confidentiality of any information related to their treatment and aim to provide the highest level of care with the least possible discomfort. We understand the importance of quality of life and will make all decisions in a sensitive, responsible manner with full consent. Our goal is to make lives better, both for our patients and the surrounding community. We want to help, because at Samitivej we truly care.