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How is a psychologist different from a doctor? Why should you consult a psychologist?

Parents who are concerned and wonder whether or not their child’s issues require the help of a doctor can first consult with a psychologist to alleviate any concerns and perhaps find ways to resolve their issues. A psychologist will assess the development and specific issues of each individual child, and will provide consultation and advice to parents on how to resolve those issues. The psychologist will also be able to determine which approaches parents will be able to apply to their child’s issues by themselves, and whether certain issues require further consultation and direct care from a doctor.

What advice can a child psychologist provide?

Developmental delay

  • Development of Gross Motor Skills (mobility and movement, especially of the arms and legs, e.g. crawling, walking, sitting, running, jumping, balancing, etc.)
  • Development of Fine Motor Skills (use of the hands and fingers for activities such as playing, writing, cutting, etc.)
  • Development of language comprehension (knowing the names of things around them, following instructions, pointing, choosing, etc.)
  • Development of language skills (speech and communication)
  • Social and emotional development (interactions, playing, understanding and expressing emotions)

General child-related issues

  • Emotional issues, such as the child being overly placid or still, or extremely moody; issues with expression and management of emotions such as fear, anxiety, anger, sadness
  • Behavioral issues, such as being either overly placid or excessively naughty, violent behavior, fighting or having disagreements with friends, having problems with teachers, being wayward, not following instructions, etc.

Issues related to online learning

  • Concentration, lack of focus, or other limitations of online learning that may make it unsuitable for children of certain characteristics and/or ages
  • Taking responsibility for studies, homework piling up
  • Spending too much time on online activities

The benefits of online child development consultation

Parents will be provided with advice on proper child-raising techniques and how to resolve issues. This advice is divided into three main groups:

  1. Growth and development issues according to age
    • Child psychologists will recommend specific toys to help enhance development in children of each different age group
    • Online consultation and follow-up means there is no need to travel to the hospital
  2. Social and interaction problems
    • Child psychologists will provide parents and guardians with recommended methods that they can use themselves in teaching their children. There will also be an online follow-up appointment to monitor progress. 
    •  In the event that additional Social Skills training is required, parents can bring their children to attend a special training course at Samitivej Children’s Hospital – Srinakarin Campus
  3. Speech and listening issues
    • Child psychologists will provide basic advice that parents can use to help enhance their children’s language development
    • Child psychologists will recommend further speech and music therapy courses for children who need more practice speaking and to help their development or to solve issues specific to their individual needs. Parents can request details on these training courses and bring their children to attend them at Samitivej Children’s Hospital – Srinakarin Campus.

How online child development consultation will be carried out with a child psychologist

  • Listen to the issue
  • Ask for additional information about that issue
  • Analyze the issue, summarize it, and then work together with the service recipients to identify what is causing it
  • Provide advice on how to deal with the issue
  • If the service recipient would like further follow up on the proposed solution, an appointment can be made in advance for the next consultation
  • If, after analyzing the issue, the counselor finds that further consultation with a doctor is necessary, it is advisable to make an appointment with a doctor at that time

Get to know your online child development consultation experts

Online Child Development Clinic by Samitivej

Miss Lalida Therakomen (Roong)

Child Developmental Psychologist

  • Developmental stimulation and behavior modification (7 years)
  • Organizing training and lectures on the topics of:
    • Understanding children with special needs
    • Supporting your child during online learning
  • Live talk via the ALive Powered by AIA application about promoting understanding among parents on raising children
Online Child Development Clinic by Samitivej

Miss Kanokon Srirojnoppakun (May)

  • Mental health status examinations using psychiatric diagnostic tools (5 years)
  • CBT-Psychotherapist (4 years, Thai and English)
  • Training and lectures on the topic of “Supporting your child during online learning”
  • Live talk via the ALive Powered by AIA application about promoting understanding among parents on raising children

Procedures for online child development consultation

  • Fill out the information regarding the patient who will be receiving consultation
  • Begin consultation with the child psychologist for assessment of symptoms and condition

Each individual issue requires a different method for providing assistance. Some problems may not be solved through consultation only, but may also require a visit with a doctor for diagnosis and advice for further treatment planning.

Expenses and use of insurance privileges

  •  A 30-minute consultation with a child developmental psychologist will be charged at the rate of 500 baht. Insurance may be used according to terms and conditions of the policy.
  • Available daily from 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Preparation before starting online child development consultation

  • Should be in a location free of distractions or disturbances, such as in a private room (not while driving or out of the home) 
  • Should be in a location with good internet access 
  • Prepare any necessary equipment for the consultation, such as a mobile phone, notebook, or tablet, and ensure the battery power will be sufficient for the duration of the call
  • Prepare for discussion of the problem or issue requiring consultation; for example, write down or make a checklist in advance of the things you would like to discuss
Signs of developmental delay that need to be monitored and for which a specialist should be consulted

Free video call for preliminary information-gathering with a child psychologist, click here.
Fees are charged once the consultation begins.

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