5 Most Common Misconceptions Regarding Detoxes

5 Most Common Misconceptions Regarding Detoxes


  • Detoxing the body through bowel movements can make you feel lighter. However, this only gets rid of feces and liquids. It does not, in fact, burn any excess fat in the body.
  • Fermented beverages may be contaminated with diseases or bacteria that pose a risk to the body, potentially causing diarrhea or negatively impacting the long-term health of the digestive system.
  • Going through a detox program that includes taking laxatives will not rinse out toxins or descale intestinal walls, so in cases of chronic constipation, a doctor should be consulted.

There are currently huge numbers of health-related articles being shared each day and, while many of them have been verified and proven to come from reliable sources, there are also a large number being shared, which show a shocking distortion of reality.

One issue that we are all surely aware of, and therefore warrants greater understanding is the detoxing industry. This includes ready-made detoxification beverages, natural detoxes and many more techniques besides. Here we will let you in on the 5 most common misconceptions surrounding the detox industry.

1. Myth: Detoxing can help shed fat

Fact: There are many detox techniques that emphasize the body’s excretion of waste products, with a particular focus on our bowel movements, which can leave us feeling lighter. However, the truth is that we only pass fecal matter and liquids during bowel movements, meaning that no fat is burned at all in the process.  Moreover, in some cases, the increase in bowel movements may even lead to a loss of essential vitamins and minerals.

2. Myth: Popular drinks are a shortcut to successful detox

Fact: There are no shortcuts to good health, and detoxifying the body is no different. Before buying supplements or detoxifying drinks at markets or online, you should be sure to study them fully, checking the ingredients as well as whether they have been approved by the FDA. It is best not to buy any products for your own personal consumption before you’ve consulted a qualified pharmacist or physician.

3. Myth: Fermented drinks can help to detoxify the intestines

Fact: Fermented drinks using fruits and vegetables as an ingredient cannot help with detoxifying. Instead, it can pose a health risk in cases where those ingredients have not been properly cleaned before use. This is especially the case in self-styled homemade products which do not meet basic health and safety standards as these could become contaminated during the fermenting process. Both the type of container and the raw ingredients used have the potential to increase the contamination risk in terms of dangerous diseases or bacterial infections that can result in diarrhea, as well as negative long-term effects on the digestive system.

4. Myth: Using laxatives as a form of detox

Fact: Laxatives work by helping the body to draw out liquids from the intestinal walls, making the fecal matter softer and easier to pass. Laxatives are not capable of flushing our waste products or descaling intestinal walls. In addition,  frequent use of laxatives may have effect on your health so if you are suffering from symptoms associated with constipation, it is best to consult your doctor.

5. Myth: Detoxing at home

Fact: Buying detox equipments and tending to your intestinal health on your own at home is not recommended because it may increase the risk of contracting diseases or infections, and be dangerous in cases where mistakes are made during the detox process.

Our bodies naturally process waste products by filtering them out in the kidneys and liver, thus making detoxification of the intestines an unnecessary process. Nevertheless, if food is consumed which contains toxins, the body will absorb these, alongside the other vitamins and minerals, in the small intestines. Then, whatever cannot be digested or absorbed then becomes stored as fiber in the large intestines.

However, if you are afraid that your body is becoming contaminated with toxins, you should start by paying care and attention to your diet. Do this by eating a healthy, balanced diet, low in fat and foods which could contain toxins harmful to the body. Avoid eating ready-made meals, chargrilled foods and deep fried products, especially those fried in oils that may have been used more than once.

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