Overcoming the Emergency of Twins Born Prematurely at 28 Weeks

Overcoming the Emergency of Twins Born Prematurely at 28 Weeks

Overcoming the Emergency of Twins Born Prematurely at 28 Weeks

Living in Thailand and pregnant with twins, Rebekah Forester was under the attentive care of Dr. Sankiat at Samitivej Hospital when her world was suddenly turned upside down. Just 28 weeks into the pregnancy, Rebekah unexpectedly went into labor. With her husband, Jonathan, traveling on business, Rebekah took it upon herself to make her own way to Samitivej Hospital. After a phone call from Rebekah, Dr. Sankiat was ready to meet her when she arrived at the hospital and soon after helped to deliver her two daughters, the first one in his office. Thanks to the quick thinking of Dr. Sankiat and the postnatal care of Dr. Olarn and the team of nurses and staff at Samitivej, the premature birth of Rebekah’s twins is a story with a happy ending.

Patient Testimonial: Rebekah Forester

“We were living in Thailand back in 2007 and I was seeing Dr. Sankiat because, at the time, I was pregnant with twin girls,” explains Rebekah Forester. “We had a great experience here at Samitivej Hospital. The doctors and staff were absolutely wonderful.”

“At twenty-eight weeks pregnant, I was at home and had started to go into labor,” she continues. “I got into a cab and made my way to the hospital. I called Dr. Sankiat and told him I was coming. He had me come into his office and examined me. Kayla was the first born. She was born right there in his office in the morning of August 10th, 2007; the staff did a great job in handling a very difficult situation.”

“After Kayla was born, they were able to transport me upstairs and that is where I had Hannah in the labor and delivery room. The staff did a wonderful, amazing job considering it was such an unexpected situation.”

“My girls were born after just twenty-eight weeks and spent about a week in the NICU. Their pediatrician was Dr. Olarn and he did a fabulous job. They ended up spending a total of sixty-seven days in the hospital here and we have nothing but the best memories of all the doctors and the nurses.”

Rebekah’s husband, Jonathan, takes up the story, “As my wife had said, we had a wonderful experience here at Samitivej Hospital. A major highlight, and an unfortunate aspect for me, was that I was away traveling while Rebekah delivered the girls. So, unfortunately, for the first four days, I was not here. I tried to rush to get here as quickly as possible but it was comforting to know that everyone here took great care of Rebekah.”

“Rebekah spent many hours of her day here in the intensive care unit and both the nursing staff and doctors were very accommodating and very helpful and we just have fabulous memories of our time here and the wonderful opportunities to really get to know our daughters because they were here for such a long time.”

“It was a really enjoyable experience, so we do thank Samitivej Hospital along with Doctors Sankiat and Olarn as well as the entire nursing staff for the very good memories during what was a challenging time. It was as good as it ever could have been so I do want to say thank you.”

Rebekah concludes, “It has been an amazing opportunity to be able to come back here and see everybody again and to express our thanks for the care we received. Our twin girls are absolutely 100% healthy and fantastic despite being born twelve weeks premature. There is obviously always ups and downs but the doctors and the nurses all took such great care of us and saw us through every step of the way. We are just so thankful for this hospital.”

Rebekah and Jonathan Forester

Under care of

  • Sankiat Vayakornvichit, M.D., (Obstetrician/Gynecologist)
  • Olarn Seriniyom, M.D., (Pediatrician)
Overcoming the Emergency of Twins Born Prematurely at 28 Weeks