Doctor Discovers Hidden Polyps

Doctor Discovers Hidden Polyps

Doctor Discovers Hidden Polyps

Approximately one year ago, Ms. Williams started to notice changes in her energy and digestion. Upon visiting doctor and having full medicals she was told that there was no health issues present. Knowing that something must have been overlooked, she decided to visit Dr. Morakod. What Dr. Morakod discovered during a screening were multiple, potentially dangerous polyps.

I was so impressed with and completely trusted Dr. Morakod. She took great care of me, gave me a thorough examination, and explained the details of receiving a colonoscopy; from how it is done, to the side effects and possible complications. She gives me some time for making decision. Even I need to have colonoscopy twice but I am not afraid of it. The procedure will make my health better. The size of the polyps in the last procedure was unexpected, so Dr. Morakod consulted her medical team during the procedure. I am really impressed of their teamwork.

I’ve learned first hand that a colonoscopy is very useful for both diagnostic purposes and treatment of existing conditions. After the procedures, I feel much better. My symptoms have improved considerably. I am so happy. If you feel something is wrong, trust your instincts and follow up by consulting a doctor you trust.

Ms. Jean W.

Taken care by Morakod Deesomsak, M.D.

My patient is a health conscious person. She does exercise, eats vegetarian food and has regular bowel movement. Then there is a sudden changes in her bowel habits such as needing toilet every time after eating or experiencing diarrhea or constipation. These are warning signs for her. There must be something irregular in her system. In Ms. Jean s’ case, I recommended both gastroscopy and colonoscopy.

As a result of the screening, I found many tiny polyps in her stomach. This in itself wasn’t the cause for main concern; the cause for concern were the 5-6 large polyps lodged in her large intestines. Each polyp was around 3-6 cm in size and had a high risk of becoming cancerous. Because there were several of them, I determined two colonoscopies would be required to remove them all. It took time to remove all of those large polyps. That’s why I had to do it twice. Ms. Jean understood the necessity and was completely cooperative.

A colonoscopy can help detect abnormalities before they develop into cancer. I advised Jean to get checked up every two years. I want everyone to understand that colon cancer is preventable. For those who are aged fifty or older, getting a colonoscopy is important. It is better to detect many polyps than to detect a cancerous tumor.

Morakod Deesomsak, M.D.

Gastroenterologist and Hepatologist