Online Pediatric Clinic - Consult a pediatrician for child health issues

You can now consult our specialists online via our ‘Samitivej Virtual Hospital’ - Member of American Telemedicine Association, without having to plan a trip to the hospital. Schedule an online consultation with our specialist from the convenience of your home or office, for almost all medical conditions including adult health issues.  

You can access Samitivej services online through the following channels:

  • Samitivej patients on regular medication can make an appointment for an online VDO consultation with their doctor. Samitivej also provides a free home medication delivery service, including a 20% discount on medicine fees. 
  • Samitivej patients who have an existing appointment to discuss their symptoms can now attend an online VDO consultation with their doctor instead. 
  • Existing and new patients can attend an online VDO consultation with a Samitivej doctor. 

Consultations for child patients (0 – 15 years)

  • General pediatric health 
  • Asthma and allergies 
  • Dermatological issues 
  • Growth concerns, including short stature or precocious puberty 
  • Developmental issues, such as a attention deficit disorder, stubbornness, speech issues, and learning difficulties (reading, writing and mathematical learning disorders) 

Making an online appointment

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