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ENGAGE CARE | Real-time Healthcare Monitoring and Tracking Service

Enjoy peace of mind for the whole family. The Engage Care mobile application, our online healthcare monitoring and tracking service, together with a team of medical professionals, provides service 24 hours a day. Used in conjunction with basic health measurement equipment, Engage Care provides added convenience and accuracy in data recording and collection. It reduces the risk of complications when you cannot control abnormal blood sugar or blood pressure levels well enough, and provides peace of mind for all service users. It’s like having a personal health coach caring for you all the time, even at home.


Measure Blood Sugar Levels



Record Weight



Measure Blood Pressure



Record Body Temperature



Measure Blood Oxygen Levels



ENGAGE CARE I Real-time healthcare monitoring and tracking service

ENGAGE CARE | Subscription service

For more information, please contact 020-222-222


Simply enter your phone number in the application to register. After completing your app registration, please contact our staff at 020-222-222. You will receive health data monitoring by our healthcare professionals and health recommendations in case of abnormalities.

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