Holistic Healing for a Total Wellness

Building 2 (Sukhumvit Wing), 1st Floor
Monday-Thursday 8.00-20.00, Friday-Sunday 8.00-17.00
66 (0) 2022-2749-50

Our goal at Samitivej is not only to help you get well, but also to make sure that you stay well. We believe that preventive medicine is the best care of all. Simple lifestyle changes and subtle adjustments of daily routine can reap tremendous long-term health benefits. To this end, our Life Center takes a holistic approach to healthcare.


At the Life Center, we combine a variety of treatments to help our patients enjoy rich, balanced lives. One of the concerns that we address here is anti-aging care, which we promote through several methods. Much of this consists of early disease detection, which gives patients the chance to take preventive steps before they suffer from any severe symptoms. This can be achieved using advanced technology such as genetic testing. Many age-related ailments can also be somewhat alleviated through our tailored weight management program.


Our highly trained specialists and nurses also help patients struggling with diabetes, thyroid and different types of hormonal disorders through the use of endocrine medicine. Finally, we believe that integrative medicine still has a valuable place in our technologically sophisticated medical community, which is why we offer alternative elements of modern medicine, including homeopathy and acupuncture.

Our Services

  • Anti-aging aid through early detection and preventive care
  • Weight management assistance
  • Endocrine medicine centering on diabetes, thyroid and all hormonal disorders
  • Acupuncture from trained specialists
  • Homeopathic remedies