Growth, Endocrine and Diabetes Center

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Making Sure Your Child Grows Up Healthy

State-of-the-art Diagnosis, Treatment And Clinical Management

Samitivej Children’s Hospital’s Growth, Endocrine and Diabetes Center is accredited by UNICEF and WHO for our comprehensive services in diabetes medication & treatment in Bangkok, Thailand. If you’re looking for a qualified child endocrine diagnosis in Thailand, visit one of our Bangkok Child Care Centers. We provide international standard services for child mental health, diabetes diagnosis, child disorder treatment and thyroid medication.

Children with these problems benefit most when cared for by expert specialists. We established the Growth, Endocrine and Diabetes Center for Children on November 2, 2002 with full cooperation and support from various endocrine specialists. These doctors have acquired their education, knowledge and expertise from renowned medical institutions, and have received training at international seminars and symposiums.

Our nutritionists and expert nurses work as part of the team to fully treat and care for children suffering from these diseases. Our objective is to help these children to maintain good physical and emotional health, so they can grow into quality adults.