Genetic and Down’s Syndrome Clinic

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Samitivej Children’s Hospital is an accredited child care facility offering comprehensive genetic diagnoses in Bangkok, Thailand.

If you are looking for a certified genetic disorder clinic in Bangkok, visit Samitivej Hospital’s Genetic and Down’s Syndrome Clinic. Fully-equipped with state-of-art technologies, we offer comprehensive treatment for your child’s mental health, including those with Down’s syndrome and autism.

Genetic disorders or inherited diseases are well known and common in society, and include dwarfism, neurofibromatosis, Down’s syndrome, hemophilia, and thalassemia. However, many people do not realize that most congenital disorders, such as certain type of mental retardation, certain type of epilepsy, failure to thrive, or a condition in which the child lacks physical resemblance to their parents, may not necessarily have appeared in a family history. Many of these diseases and disorders can be cured if a correct diagnosis is made, and some can even be prevented from occurring by obtaining a diagnosis prior to giving birth. Family members must consult their physician to obtain a correct understanding of these diseases and disorders.