Good Hygiene for Kids

Good Hygiene for Kids

Children like to learn, explore, and imitate everything they see. As a result, parents are very important role models. In order for children to grow up healthy and strong, good hygiene habits should be promoted for children to be healthy, both physically and emotionally. Parents should encourage and support their children to follow these good hygiene habits:

Teeth Brushing

Children should be encouraged to clean their teeth at least twice a day, preferably after each meal. It is not easy because most little children don’t like to clean their teeth. However, it is very important to keep the teeth, body and hair clean. Parents can encourage their children to brush their teeth by showing them videos on teeth brushing tips or singing teeth brushing songs. By imitating, the children will brush their teeth, like the children in the video or like their parents. Instead of forcing them to brush their teeth, parents should make brushing their teeth fun for them, and slowly train them to accept and even enjoy brushing.

Hand Washing

Parents should encourage their children to wash their hands often, especially before eating and after using the bathroom, so as to kill any harmful germs. This is especially important for small children as they often put their fingers into their mouths almost constantly. The following graphic provides the six steps of effective hand washing:


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