Brain Nourishing Foods that Prevent Early Onset Dementia

Brain Nourishing Foods that Prevent Early Onset Dementia


  • Foods containing high levels of antioxidants such as berries and kiwis are effective in helping to prevent and reduce inflammation. Colorful vegetables, dark chocolate and turmeric can also go a long way in protecting the brain from early onset dementia.
  • It is recommended that you include eggs in your breakfast because, in addition to being easy to prepare and full of protein (egg yolk), eggs also contain choline, which significantly aids brain function.

Brain Nourishing Foods that Prevent Early Onset Dementia

It is widely known that eating a balanced diet consisting of the 5 main food groups in moderation can keep us physically strong. However, did you know that our brain health can also be maintained with a healthy diet?

Our brain is one of the hardest working organs

Our brains require strong circulation and high levels of fats to function properly. This means that a balanced diet is essential if we want to keep our brains in good health. If we want to ensure our brains are invigorated and safe from degeneration, there are many types of food that can act as nourishment for this vital organ.

Studies have shown that antioxidants are capable of increasing brain efficiency

Antioxidants are nutrients that prevent and delay the oxidation process, which is responsible for much of the body’s cell damage, as well as the brain inflammation that fuels the onset of dementia. In other words, antioxidants can help to prevent and reduce said inflammation. Foods that contain high levels of these nutrients include berries, kiwis and oranges. Antioxidants can also be found in colorful vegetables, dark chocolate and turmeric. As a result, all of these foods can play a key role in delaying the onset of dementia.

Carbohydrates nourish the nervous system

Unprocessed complex carbohydrates such as brown rice and germinated are the most preferable type, as are nuts and grains. In addition to providing energy, these foods contain vitamin B, which offers effective nourishment to the central nervous system. Moreover, germinated brown rice contains gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA), which helps the body to relax. Hence carbohydrates are good for our brain health when consumed in moderation.

Proteins are also essential

Proteins sourced from eggs are preferable as they contain choline, which boosts brain function. This makes eggs an ideal choice for breakfast as they are both nutritious (egg yolks) and quick to prepare. Eggs also have Choline which improves brain function.

All in all, sustaining a healthy diet consisting of the 5 main food groups in moderation alongside regular exercise will help to keep your brain feeling fresh, while also delaying the onset of dementia.


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