Face Lift and Breast Surgery with Dr. Pichit

Joanne W. is a mother from Australia with a busy career who came to see Dr. Pichit Siriwan at Samitivej Hospital 12 months ago for a face lift. The experience was such a positive one that when she was considering getting corrective breast surgery, and Dr. Pichit came to mind. This is Joanne sharing her story and words of encouragement for other women who are considering procedures such as hers.

Face Lift and Breast Surgery with Dr. Pichit

On getting a facelift at Samitivej:

Twelve months ago, I had a full face lift with Dr. Pichit at Samitivej Hospital. The experience was very positive. I was really nervous to begin with because it was my face that on which he would work. Your face is who you are – what you see when you look in the mirror. I did not want to look different; I just wanted to refresh the way I already looked. When I first spoke to Dr. Pichit, he was very supportive and he understood what I wanted. I didn’t feel like I was pushed into something I wasn’t comfortable with and he was completely supportive in just freshening up my look. Twelve months on, I’m very happy with the result and the way everything turned out.

On deciding to come back for breast reconstructive surgery:

I had an augmentation done three years ago and one breast had become very hard and very uncomfortable. When it was time to decide where I would be getting a reconstruction of my breasts done, I thought about what an amazing experience I had with Dr. Pichit at Samitivej. I knew I didn’t want to go anywhere else. This hospital is amazing. The facilities are state of the art and I was so well looked after when I had my face lift here. The nursing staff was so kind and caring with my after care that I knew I wanted the same experience this time around. I just knew this was the place to come.

On the after care she experienced at Samitivej:

It is daunting when you first wake up after a surgery. You feel groggy and frightened because it is all very strange. But straight away, as soon I was awake, everyone came to make sure that I was okay. The nurses looked after me, checked on me, making sure I was doing okay everyday. They all speak enough English that they understood my needs. The staff here has always been so caring and kind to me. They made both my experiences at Samitivej so positive and I highly recommend this hospital to anybody.

On her experience working with Dr. Pichit:

I had an amazing amount of confidence in Dr. Pichit’s surgical abilities. Before I decided to have the operation, I did lots of research. In whatever I choose to do in my life, I never go into anything without having thoroughly investigated it. I checked Dr. Pichit’s credentials online and I was already very confident even before I met him. But when we finally met, he totally understood where I was coming from. He had an incredible kindness that came through during our consultation process. He listened to what I wanted and he also gave advice on what he thought was best for me, as well. It was a two-way relationship and it’s a very amazing experience when you have that kind of trust. You don’t want anything to go wrong when you’re getting an operation like this. You don’t want to be disfigured or have a horrible experience that can impact your health, so the research I did was great for me. Everything positive I had read about Dr. Pichit is true and my personal experience reflects that.

On the advice she has for other women considering procedures:

Do your research and review everything thoroughly. If you have an opportunity to contact somebody who’s been through this experience, it can be very helpful. Make sure that you have a good idea of exactly want before see a doctor. It is important that you’ve fully investigated the outcomes and that you have realistic expectations. I feel like sometimes people have unrealistic expectations of what they would like to see as the end result. I didn’t walk into my meeting with Dr. Pichit thinking that I’d walk out looking like Angelina Jolie! I was going to walk out looking like me, but more refreshed. I’m nearly 54 years old. I am a mother and I still have a busy career and I wanted to make sure that I felt better about myself. So anybody thinking of doing procedures such as these should be sure to look into it thoroughly and get all the information you can get beforehand.