Samitivej Esthetics Institute

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Loving the Skin You’re In

Samitivej’s Dermatology Clinic has been providing premium quality skin care for years to patients from Thailand and abroad. Our comprehensive center has been widely recognized and is accredited both locally and globally. We have been awarded the highly prestigious JCI accreditation, the highest possible international distinction for a healthcare provider.

Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital offers complete medical services including the diagnosis and treatment of various skin diseases, such as skin infections, hair loss, nail fungal infection and acne. All of our staff are adept at working with a variety of different skin types and conditions. Our highly experienced team of dermatologists is ready to provide the best service for you through the utilization of advanced medical equipment. Our highly trained specialists bring years of experience both in Bangkok and abroad to the clinic.


Our Services

  • Diagnosis and evaluation of hair loss causes
  • Bioscor hair analysis
  • Bioscor hair and scalp laser program
  • Bioscor LED light therapy program
  • Robot hair transplant
  • Surgical hair transplant
  • General hair restoration and maintenance
  • Diagnosis and treatment of all types of skin diseases
  • Skin patch test
  • Laser removal of mole, warts and skin outgrowths
  • Diagnosis of abnormal skin tissue through laboratory examination (dermatopathology)


Hair Loss Solutions That Work

Both men and women can experience hair loss for a variety of reasons. The most common causes are genetics and aging, however other factors such as pollution, surrounding environment, medications, nutrition, stress, illness, infection and artificial hair coloring or styling can also have an impact. Whatever the reason, we understand that hair loss can be a source of social anxiety and frustration for many. We’ve partnered with one of the leaders in this medical field to bring you a solution.

Bioscor International is a global network of specialized medical centers that has been providing effective hair restoration treatments for more than 20 years. First founded in Australia, the organization now has 23 centers in 11 countries around the world including the United States of America, Canada, Japan, Hong Kong and many more. Today, Bioscor International has partnered with Samitivej Hospital to open its 24th branch in Thailand under the name “Bioscor International by Samitivej – The Hair Restoration Medical Center” with today’s latest complete medically and clinically proven results for patients. Using a combination of personalized analysis through blood and hormone tests, LED light therapy and surgical hair transplants, we create customized programs for each patient to make a tangible difference.

  • Comprehensive Bioscor International treatment program
  • Four examination rooms equipped with basic equipment for accurate evaluation and diagnosis of skin diseases
  • Ultrapulse and Sharplan carbon dioxide laser for safe and effective removal of skin outgrowths, warts and moles, as well as for scar revision
  • Pediatric dermatologist
  • Hyfrecator electrocautery for treatment of skin outgrowth and mole