Samitivej Children's Hospital, a first-of-its-kind, dedicated facility for children in Thailand, is embarking on a mission that will benefit both local and international patients.

This involves customizing all service offerings, based on a firm knowledge of patients' needs and requirements. A holistic approach has been adopted in terms of providing medical care and services with empathic care, inviting global collaboration, and striving to ensure that quality, safety and service standards are on par with international benchmarks.

Chairat Panthuraamphorn, M.D.
Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer,
Samitivej Public Company Limited.

Samitivej Children's Hospital is an international center of global standards and excellence, with a proven capability to treat a multitude of childhood conditions. It is a dedicated hospital, in the sense that its facilities, services, and technology have been specially designed, constructed and customized for children - all housed within a child-friendly environment.

Samitivej Children's Hospital was the first private children's hospital in Thailand. It has become a center of comprehensive care for children with complex conditions. Child development and mental health, along with learning and rehabilitation, are all supported by state-of-the-art technology. Equipped with all dimensions of expertise in child care, it aims to expand and increase medical services provided to sick children in Thailand and throughout the Asia-Pacific Region.

Since Samitivej Hospital’s establishment in 1979 we have come a long way, becoming the distinguished medical institution that we are today, and recognized not only locally but also globally.

The name “Samitivej,” given by M.R. Kukrit Pramoj, a former Prime Minister and a much revered scholar, means “an assembly of doctors.” Indeed, true to its name, Samitivej Hospital has, over the years, become a home and a source of inspiration for some of the country's best doctors and medical professionals who have adopted the hospital's founding principles to “always provide holistic care for patients, not only physically but also emotionally.”

Today, more than 2,000 health professionals, practicing in seven Samitivej locations, treat patients for problems ranging from minor outpatient illnesses to major procedures such as organ transplants.

With a long history of excellence and innovation, in 1999 Samitivej became the first hospital in Thailand to be recognized by WHO and UNICEF as a Mother and Baby Friendly Hospital. Other recognitions include the Prime Minister’s Award for Most Recognized Service. Samitivej is also accredited by the Healthcare Accreditation Institute of Thailand and JCI, among others – proof that the hospital continues to innovate and strive toward the highest level of care and safety.

Samitivej started on Sukhumvit Soi 49, with what is now known as Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital which serves as the Group's main facility. Since its inception, the group has added six more hospitals: Samitivej Srinakarin on the east side of Bangkok, a 400 bed facility near Suvarnabhumi Airport; Samitivej Sriracha, a 184 bed facility located in the industrial area near the Laem Chabang port and the resort town of Pattaya; Samitivej Thonburi, a 150 bed facility providing medical and public health services in Bangkok’s Thonburi Province; Samitivej Chonburi, a 181 bed facility serving the eastern region of Thailand, providing emergency services and timely delivery of specialized health care; Samitivej Chinatown, a 31 bed facility located in the Yaowarat neighborhood of Bangkok’s Chinatown; and Samitivej Children’s Hospital, the first of its kind in Thailand.

“Samitivej children's hospital is an international children's hospital and a center for excellence because of our proven capability to treat diseases affecting children, not only in Thailand but among the region, with facilities and expertise on par with global standards. It is a dedicated hospital, in the sense that its facilities, services, and technology have been specially designed, constructed and customized for children - all within a child-friendly environment. Most of all, Samitivej children's hospital embodies the synergy of the renowned expertise, reputation and experience of the entire Samitivej Hospital Group.'

“Samitivej Children's Hospital has earned an outstanding reputation for its pediatric care over the past 38 years, with our child healthcare services at Srinakarin and Sukhumvit now recognized both locally and internationally.

This facility synergizes the group's extensive resources, offering a full spectrum of primary and tertiary care services including surgery. We are staffed by specialist pediatricians who cover all aspects of child health, including teenagers and those with special needs.”

Professor Emeritus Chanika Tuchinda, M.D.
Executive Advisor to Samitivej Children's Hospital.

“Samitivej Children's Hospital provides care for newborn babies, including babies born prematurely

(as early as 20 weeks) and very low birth weight babies (from as little as 500 grams). We provide care for infants and children who need intensive care for medical and surgical conditions as well as pediatric rehabilitation. Our services include ground and air pediatric transportation, now expanding to serve patients from neighboring countries in the Asia Pacific Region.”

Surangkana Techapaitoon, M.D.
Director of Samitivej Children's Hospital.



From the West:

2014 saw the beginning of Samitivej Children’s Hospital’s collaboration with the Doernbecher Children's Hospital, Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU) USA, which was listed in US News 5 World Report’s ‘Top 50 Best Best Children's Hospitals 2015-2016.’ Samitivej Children's Hospital aims to continually improve in the following areas:

  • Neonatal stabilization practices (S.T.A.B.L.E. program).
  • Neonatal therapeutic hypothermia.
  • Improving the emotional well-being of child patients (The Child Life Program).
  • Minimally Invasive Surgery in infants and children.
  • Diagnosis and treatment through video conferencing (telemedicine)
  • Pediatric Progressive Care Unit (PPCU).

From the East:

Since 2015, working in partnership with Takatsuki General Hospital in Japan, Samitivej Children's Hospital has been engaged in an exchange program to enhance professional knowledge in neonatal and child care:

  • Observations, research and seminars, predominantly in NICU and pediatric units.
  • Screening and treating newborns with medical problems after premature birth.
  • Developing care and planning for children with environmental allergies or food allergies.

Takatsuki General Hospital, the flagship hospital of the Osaka Neonatal Mutual Cooperative System, has cared for premature infants with a birth weight as low as 286 grams.