Samitivej’s consultants and associates are all healthcare industry specialists with extensive experience and expansive professional networks. This means that we have the capacity to understand and approach all sorts of challenges, from calculating the feasibility of a new hospital to improving the operations of an existing facility.

We understand that the world simply needs better healthcare services, which is why our primary objective is to develop facilities that can bring comprehensive medical treatment to more people in need. We recognize that each client, each case and each patient is unique. That’s why we employ our considerable expertise to find the best optimal solution for each individual situation. We do not impose our point of view on a project, but rather undertake a client’s mandate and work to address their specific needs. We leverage our skills to help clients maneuver through potential problems in a cost-efficient, highly effective manner.

The Samitivej New Life Foundation gives underprivileged children access to world-class medical care. The program offers life-saving surgery for congenital heart defects and bone marrow transplants. Both procedures traditionally come at a high cost that many families simply cannot afford. Through the efforts of the foundation, the generous contributions of our donors, and the skills of Samitivej’s doctors and surgeons, we have been able to give many young children the gift of life.