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"Because good health is your best asset"

For the past 42 years we have been committed to promoting good health for Thai and foreign nationals. This has been made possible by our team of medical experts working across all fields of medicine to provide services with care, continuously improving and seeking out the latest medical technologies which best cater to the lifestyle needs in the modern age.

What started out as one hospital with 100 beds has today grown into 8 hospitals with over 4,000 beds, serving a range of economically diverse areas in Bangkok, as well as other locations containing the largest concentrations of foreign expatriates, such as Chonburi and Sriracha. We have received accreditation from Joint Commission International (JCI), and we were recognized by The Medical Travel Quality Alliance (MTQUA) as one of the Top 10 World’s Best Hospitals for Medical Tourism from 2017-2019 at The International Tourism Festival held in Berlin, Germany. In selecting the hospitals to receive this award, MTQUA judges the quality of hospitals from across Asia, the Middle East, Europe and America.

Our devotion to excellence across a range of medical fields is reflected in our partnership with Sano Hospital of Japan. Through this partnership, our hospitals are able to offer the latest NBI techniques in colonoscopy to detect and diagnose colon cancer, doubling accuracy and treatment effectiveness. We have also partnered with Doernbecher Children’s Hospital in the USA to improve our pediatric healthcare services, including neonatal care, pediatric critical care and a number of surgical procedures aimed at treating a whole host of dangerous conditions.

The care and expertise on offer at our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) is especially geared toward infants born premature and underweight, for whom we are committed to helping ensure a high quality of life. We have brought Takatsuki Hospital from Japan on board to help us achieve those goals.

Finally, our partnership with Hannover Medical School in Germany has helped us improve the accident and emergency and trauma care we provide at all of our hospitals.

However, it is not only the medical services we offer that set us apart. We believe that our workforce is the beating heart of our organization. As such, we offer all members of our team comprehensive training to ensure they are able to reach their full potential. This focus led to our recognition at the HR Asia Best Companies to Work for in Asia 2019 (Thailand Edition), where we were the only Thai hospital to take home the prestigious award given to companies that improve employee quality of life by increasing their value.

We believe that healthcare should be available at any time and any place. We developed Samitivej Virtual Hospital which is capable of offering such services. Our virtual hospital allows patients to seek out a doctor online instead of visiting a physical hospital, making us the first provider of total healthcare solutions throughout Thailand.

We are constantly learning and seeking out innovative technologies that can help play crucial roles in improving the lives of our patients by increasing accuracy at every stage, from prevention through detection and treatment. Ensuring we can stay ahead of the curve with regard to technology is one of the main reasons why our organization is able to evolve at such a quick pace.

We firmly believe that our maxim of “we do not want you to be sick” will lead the way for our organization to become an organization of value and to play a leading role in improving both the lives of the people and the prospects of the nation moving forward.

Chairat Panthuraamphorn, M.D.,
Managing Director and CEO of Samitivej and BNH Hospitals

Samitivej’s healthcare team shows an unwavering commitment to quality care. Never complacent, Samitivej hospital hosts medical symposiums and staff partake in domestic and international conferences, courses, and independently guided learning initiatives, which continually update their skills and knowledge.

This drive for excellence has been recognized by many, including the World Health Organization and the Joint Commission International (JCI). The latter of which has accredited all three hospitals (Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital, Samitivej Srinakarin Hospital, and Samitivej Sriracha Hospital).

Samitivej hospitals wish to be your lifelong healthcare partner. Be your needs predictive, preventative, diagnostic, or curative, we will gladly help you attain your health goals because at Samitivej we truly care.