Pediatric Cardiology Clinic

Building 1, Floor 2 Daily (7 days/week) - 07:00 - 20:00 66 (0) 2022-2236-40

Take Care of Your Heart

Heart disease treatment for children and adolescents 

Samitivej Children’s Hospital’s Pediatric Cardiology Clinic utilizes the latest medical equipment, and is led by a team of certified surgeons providing international standard heart care to local and international patients.

The Pediatric Cardiology Clinic offers diagnosis and treatment of various types of cardiovascular disease, such as congenital heart diseases, abnormal heart rhythm, heart muscle inflammation from various causes (hypertrophic cardiomyopathy), pericardial diseases, valve diseases, aortic disease-aneurysm, rheumatic diseases, and Kawasaki disease. Our pediatric cardiologist provides exemplary care for both outpatient and inpatients.