Pediatric Dental Clinic

Building 2, Floor 4 Mon-Fri 08:00 - 20:00, Sat-Sun 08.00-17.00 66 (0) 2022-2989-90

Proper Care For Teeth And Gums

Samitivej Children’s Hospital’s Pediatric Dental Clinic provides comprehensive dental care services to children ranging from infant through adolescent.

Children should have an initial dental check-up by one year of age or 6 months after the first primary tooth has emerged, whichever comes first. Our team of experienced pediatric dentists provides provides services including preventive treatment, treatment of oral diseases, prevention and correction of occlusal problems during the transition from primary teeth to permanent teeth, and building a positive attitude toward dental care. In cases when a child is very small, afraid of dentists, has severe tooth decay, or is unable to cooperate due to a disability, our clinic can assist by using sedative medication or gas allowing the child to sleep through the entire process. In the near future, we plan to utilize advanced and safe laser technology at our clinic in order to provide painless dentistry services to our patients.