Welcome to the house of allergies

Download Samitivej AR application and start playing the game


How to play :

  1. Open Samitivej AR application.
  2. Click “AR Camera” button and point the camera at the Allergy brochure.
  3. Read the instruction carefully and click “Start”.
  4. Share your score and feel free to invite and challenge your friends.

If you don’t have the Allergy brochure, please click the “Download Brochure” button. Then follow the steps above by using another mobile phone.

How to get higher scores :

  • Collect all five allergens hidden in the house.
  • Click the items that you think can cause allergies.
  • If you select the right items, the allergens will release the score.
  • If you are fast enough, you can catch the score before it disappears.
  • After that you can start selecting the next items, until you collect all five allergens.

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