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Homeschooling—An Educational Alternative

 Duangrat Wangkledkeaw, M.D.

Posted May 10, 2020
Ankle Arthroplasty and Talar Prosthesis Replacement —an Alternative Treatment for Ankle Osteoarthritis
Posted May 10, 2020
Building immunity against COVID-19 in the elderly

 Tippapa Chutikankosol, M.D.

Posted April 28, 2020
What is COVID-19 afraid of?

 Payia Chantadisai, M.D.

Posted April 28, 2020
A sedentary lifestyle increases the risk of obesity

 Phaisit Trakulkongsmut, M.D.

Posted April 28, 2020
Caring for bed-ridden patients: How to prevent complications

 M.D., MSc. Jitlada Samajarn, M.D.

Posted April 24, 2020
Why Heart Disease and Hypertension Put Patients at Greater Risk of Contracting COVID-19

 Krisda Vilaiwatanakorn, M.D.

Posted April 24, 2020
Adults and the diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis (DTaP) vaccine

 Payia Chantadisai, M.D.

Posted April 24, 2020
The Potential Risks to a Pregnancy during the First Trimester

 Chantarat Suratanakavikul, M.D.

Posted April 24, 2020
Immune System-boosting Foods to Strengthen Your Defense Against COVID-19

 Jitkae Thepchatre, M.D.

Posted April 24, 2020
If parents have to self-quarantine for COVID-19, who will care for their children?

 Duangrat Wangkledkeaw, M.D.

Posted April 16, 2020
The 10 most common questions people ask pediatricians

 Buntita Bamrungchaowkasem, M.D., Kakanang Jantarapagdee, M.D., Patcharin Amornvipas, M.D., Phantip Sreshthatat, M.D., Saovanee Pichairakporn, M.D., Yossamon Jiratthawong, M.D.

Posted April 9, 2020
Providing the best care for a child with Down syndrome

 Kakanang Jantarapagdee, M.D.

Posted March 18, 2020
Homosexuals and hepatitis awareness

 Pathipat Durongpongkasem, M.D.

Posted February 25, 2020
Hassle-free beauty with an open rhinoplasty

 Teerapat Jaiprasat, M.D.

Posted February 21, 2020
How Serious is Pediatric Urinary Tract Infection?

 Nanthiya Pravitsitthikul, M.D.

Posted February 20, 2020
Pregnant Women and Migraines

 Thaninjitra Poonpedpun, M.D.

Posted February 19, 2020
Running-related heart attacks

 Phattarapon Atimetin, M.D.

Posted February 18, 2020
Caring for stroke victims to prevent against recurrence

 Assistant professor Phinit Limsukhon, M.D.

Posted February 12, 2020
A discussion about condoms

 Samornrod Limmahakhun, M.D.

Posted February 6, 2020
Heartbreak and the risk of cardiovascular disease

 Krisda Vilaiwatanakorn, M.D.

Posted February 6, 2020
An update on all questions regarding cancer

 Phuchai Pitakkitnukun, M.D.

Posted February 4, 2020
A New Alternative for Stroke Patient Care

 Assistan professor Visal Kantaratanakul, M.D.

Posted January 31, 2020
Artificial Synovial Fluid – Solving the Problem of Knee Osteoarthritis

 Associate Professor Cholawish Chanlalit, M.D.

Posted January 31, 2020
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