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Putting a stop to wrinkles and saggy skin for those at the age of 40


  • Using focused ultrasound or radiofrequency technology in conjunction with DermoLift techniques, Botulinum injections and filler injections can significantly reduce wrinkles.
  • From the age of 50 years onwards, the body’s skeletal system begins to deteriorate naturally. Collagen and elastin remain in smaller amounts than before, and this leads to an increase in wrinkles. At this stage, injecting Botulinum alone is not sufficient to lift and firm up the skin. Filler should also be injected using a ‘volume lift’ technique as this is the most effective way to reinforce the skin’s internal structure.



Putting a stop to wrinkles and saggy skin for those at the age of 40

Our skin is made up of numerous fibers that help to keep it smooth, firm and looking young. However, the aging process, as well as various other factors and conditions that we encounter, such as our diet, sunlight, stress and genetics, all play a role in skin deterioration. This naturally leads to wrinkles (some of which are deep-set), sagginess and a widening of the pores. All of this occurs due to a reduction in the body’s collagen and elastin, fatty tissue beginning to sag, ligaments losing their elasticity and the natural deterioration of the body’s skeletal system. Even facial expressions play a part in this. The way we smile, laugh, frown and raise our eyebrows, for instance, all have an effect on premature aging and wrinkles.

Caring for our skin from a young age is much better than waiting for the effects of aging to take place or waiting until we are already old before seeking solutions to these problems because the skin cells will already have been damaged to the extent that full regeneration will not be possible.

Between the ages of 20–30 years old, skin problems may still not be apparent. Caring for your skin with different creams and skincare products alongside receiving laser treatment to stimulate collagen production or treatments to encourage oxygen and vitamin transfer to the skin cells are all effective during this time.

Between the ages of 30–40 years old, the appearance of wrinkles will increase and the skin will begin to sag. Aside from the aforementioned treatments, Botulinum injections to relax the small muscle groups found in the face as well as filler injections to reduce the appearance of wrinkles are the quickest and most effective forms of treatment at this stage.

Between the ages of 40–50 years old, the superficial muscular aponeurotic system (SMAS) will begin to sag and droop. Utilizing focused ultrasound or radiofrequency technology in conjunction with Botulinum injections, DermoLift techniques and filler injections will have a clear and lasting effect at this point.

From the age of 50 onwards, the skeletal system will begin to deteriorate naturally. Collagen and elastin will remain in far smaller amounts and the superficial muscular aponeurotic system will become extremely saggy. At this stage, Botulinum injections to reduce wrinkles and firm up the skin may not be sufficient. Injecting filler using a technique called ‘volume lift’ is therefore recommended as a form of reinforcement for the skin’s structure that will yield positive results.

In addition, taking care of ourselves from within through eating a healthy, balanced diet full of fruit and vegetables that are high in antioxidants, exercising regularly, getting enough sleep, not allowing stress to build up, and using the bathroom regularly not only help to slow the aging process but also help our bodies to recover and regenerate, keeping us feeling fit and healthy.

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