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Treating Chronic Muscle and Joint Pain With “NEURAC”


  • NEURAC focuses on ensuring that muscles that might not be used or that are used infrequently are functioning correctly by stimulating them in a way that can restore them to their full working potential.
  • NEURAC is suited to people with chronic muscular or joint complaints, such as chronic pain in the neck, shoulders, low back, hips or other joints throughout the body. It can also help those who suffer from muscle spasms or imbalances in the muscles on each side of the body.

What is NEURAC?

NEURAC is an abbreviation of Neuromuscular Activation. It is a form of therapeutic exercise that was designed and developed in Norway in the early 90s by former gymnasts and physical therapists. The purpose of NEURAC treatment is to rehabilitate and provide solutions for abnormalities in muscle function and movement by stimulating the neuromuscular system to work in a specific way. NEURAC also utilizes biomechanics to provide the most effective relief for injury.

As NEURAC is a form of therapy that focuses on activating certain muscles to act properly, the treatment relies on the use of equipment developed by a company called REDCORD – a name of a red rope that attaches to the body and activates specific muscle groups.

NEURAC (REDCORD) therapy has been specially designed to use the patient’s own body weight to provide a resistance, in order to strengthen the muscles and stimulate some muscle groups that might not be used at all, or are used infrequently and not reached their full potential.

NEURAC (REDCORD) therapy can restore these muscle groups to full strength and may even strengthen them to higher levels than before. Therefore, recipients of this form of therapy must be able to train and exert power independently to ensure they can receive the full benefits of this treatment.

Currently, NEURAC (REDCORD) is gaining in popularity and more people become interested in this form of therapy due to its philosophy and the fact that it had been developed according to the updated medical research. This form of therapy has now spread to over 25 countries around the world, and these countries have gone on to form an international NEURAC (REDCORD) cooperative.

How does NEURAC (REDCORD) relieve the symptoms of chronic pain disorders?

Research has found that pain, muscle disuse and repetitive poor muscle movement (that contradicts the principles of biomechanics), all of these factors lead to an inhibition of the neurological signals that responsible for controlling muscles. This can affect the relationship between various muscle groups, thereby causing defects in terms of power and joint stability, which may both decrease over time. This, in turn, leads to long-term abnormal movement patterns and eventually a deterioration of the body’s movement capabilities because of they create a stress in the muscles, causing a chronic pain cycle for which it is difficult to find a curative solution.

NEURAC (REDCORD) therapy has therefore been developed with a particular emphasis on neuromuscular re-learning and re-activation control that enables the affected muscles to make a full recovery. This therapy relies on the main principles of biomechanics to build muscle strength in order to prepare muscles to function at their full potential. Moreover, the treatment empowers the body to restore functional movement patterns that can prevent injury and stop the pain cycle.

The main objectives of NEURAC (REDCORD) therapy are to help the body utilize the correct muscle groups, at the right time and in suitable amounts, while increasing muscle strength and endurance.

Training specifications:

  • As a form of closed kinetic chain exercise, the resistance exercises are undertaken while the feet or hands remain static. This forces numerous muscle groups to cooperate, while various joints are also exercised in a manner that reflects how the body may be used when carrying out daily activities.
  • NEURAC (REDCORD) builds instability in some areas of the body in order to stimulate certain muscle groups.
  • Various planes of movement are involved.
  • NEURAC (REDCORD) involves precise progression, focusing on each and every range of movement.
  • NEURAC (REDCORD) is a painless training.

Which groups should be receiving NEURAC (REDCORD) therapy?

NEURAC (REDCORD) therapy is suitable for people who suffer from chronic joint and muscle conditions, including:

  • Those with chronic pain in their neck, shoulder, low back, hips or other joints
  • Those who suffer from instability and reduced endurance in their core muscles
  • People with a lower-than-normal range of movement in their core or in other joints throughout the body
  • People who suffer from a significant reduction in muscle power and a decrease in the quality of their muscle control
  • People who have experienced a reduction in terms of their agility
  • People with an imbalance in the strength down each side of the body, or those who suffer from a motor neuron disorder

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