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Haploidentical Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation

Thank you very much to the doctors, medical team and nurses at the hospital for the exceptional care and attention given to us at all times.

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Success Story – Max and his battle with scoliosis

Since the beginning of the treatment, the doctor said I would be able to live normally.

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Treatment for a high-risk case of monoamniotic-monochorionic pregnancy

Mr. Nito Lim discusses the birth of his twins following a complicated case, and the treatment his wife received from Dr. Boonsri and the dedicated staff at Samitivej.

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Spine Fractures Caused by Accidents, Incorrect Treatment Can Result in Paralysis

I lost control of both my legs after a direct impact with water. About 10 days after back surgery, a doctor told me to get up and walk, and I did it.

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Face Lift and Breast Surgery with Dr. Pichit

Joanne Wadkins is a mother from Australia with a busy career who came to see Dr. Pichit Siriwan at Samitivej Hospital 12 months ago for a face lift. The experience was such a positive one that when she was considering getting corrective breast surgery, and Dr. Pichit came to mind.

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Having breast cancer does not always have to be a losing battle.

Ms. Tassanee P. (Khun Bow) is a wife, mother of two, and an esteemed employee at a successful multinational company. For many years, Khun Bow dedicated herself to her job, but by doing so, she forgot to take care of her own health. During her annual check-up, for which she was seven months late, Khun Bow received the bad news that she had breast cancer.

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Samitivej Children's Hospital - The Place For Pediatric Surgery

When we found out that our child had a problem, we asked our friends which hospital would be the best one for a child. My friends told me Samitivej Children’s Hospital; they said they had friends with children who had surgery at Samitivej Children’s Hospital and were very pleased.

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Colonoscopy saves man from Cancer

“If it is time to get colonoscopy, you should; It’s important.” – Dr.Korn told Michael that, because he is over 50 years old, he should get a colonoscopy. Knowing the risk of colon cancer increases with age, Michael agreed to the procedure. The colonoscopy showed there was a polyp present, and Dr. Korn had reason to believe it was active.

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Doctor Discovers Hidden Polyps

“I’ve learned first hand that a colonoscopy is very useful” – Ms. Williams started to notice changes in her energy and digestion. She decided to visit Dr. Morakod. What Dr. Morakod discovered during a screening were multiple, potentially dangerous polyps.

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I give my heartfelt thanks for giving me a nose that I am proud to show off.

For the whole of Grace’s fifty three years of  life, she had dreamt of getting something done about her nose. However, life and children got in the way over the years. When she decided that it was finally time to take this life-changing step, she chose to undergo a rhinoplasty surgery at Samitivej Hospital with Dr. Montein. Here, in her own words, Grace tells the story of her incredible experience.

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