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Samitivej Children’s Hospital – The Place For Pediatric Surgery


When we found out that our child had a problem, we asked our friends which hospital would be the best one for a child. My friends told me Samitivej Children’s Hospital; they said they had friends with children who had surgery at Samitivej Children’s Hospital and were very pleased.  We contacted Samitivej Clinic in Yangon and then took our kids to Samitivej Children’s Hospital and at the same time we we able to have healthy checkups. We were very satisfied with Samitivej; they were very professional. If our child had the surgery in Myanmar it would have been more painful for him. We also very much like the friendly, professional service and atmosphere here – a very good environment. Thanks so much to everyone at Samitivej Children’s Hospital!

Father & Mother of Master HTOO LATT AUNG



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Associate Professor Akkrapol Mungnirandr, M.D. Summary:

Pediatric Surgery

Pediatric Surgery