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We knew immediately that Nico was in good hands


“We knew immediately that Nico was in good hands.”

Stig Aas and Ajareeya Aas were on a trip from their home in Norway to visit Ajareeya’s family in Thailand when Ajareeva experienced some unexpected complications in her pregnancy. The couple’s child Nico Anthony was born prematurely with a low birth weight. Low birth weight is a serious condition that is directly responsible for roughly seventy percent of infant mortality in developing countries. Additional complications can include inhibited growth and cognitive development as well as chronic diseases later in life. As such, Stig and Ajareeva were greatly concerned when the condition of their baby actually worsened while he was being treated at an inter-provincial hospital. Left in the dark because of the inability of the staff at the regional hospital to communicate professionally or in English, Stig made the decision to transfer his child to Samitivej International Children’s Hospital where Nico immediately received the best treatment available and quickly recovered under the care of Dr. Kanittha Klamklay. All along, Stig and Ajareeva were made to feel reassured that their precious child was in safe hands because of the excellent English-speaking abilities and professionalism of the staff at Samitivej Hospital.

Mother’s Testimonial: Ajareeya Aas “We knew immediately that Nico was getting the best care he possibly could at Samitivej and that he was in good hands.”

My husband and I came back to Thailand to see my family. At the time, I was twenty-nine weeks pregnant, and I gave birth prematurely to Nico who had a very low birth weight of only 1,060 grams, which was very serious and potentially life threatening.

Because of where we were, we had our baby in an inter-provincial hospital. Nico came to us in a bad condition, and his weight actually dropped to 1,040 grams while at the hospital. On top of that, there were many complications. Our baby jerked, stopped breathing, and even hyperventilated at times. His body actually turned green due to septicemia, and I was heartbroken when I saw our baby in that condition.

We were so scared at that time and feared for our baby’s life. Fortunately, when things got this bad, my husband reached out to our insurance company to see where we could move the baby to seek better care for his worsening condition. The insurance provider recommended Samitivej International Children’s Hospital.

When we found out that Samitivej is one of the best children’s hospitals, we moved Nico there immediately.

When we arrived at Samitivej Hospital, we spoke with Dr. Kanittha Klamklay, which was very refreshing and relieving because of her professionalism and ability to communicate with us. We knew immediately that Nico was getting the best care he possibly could at Samitivej and that he was in good hands. We were in constant communication with the doctor about our child’s symptoms, and it was in practically no time at all that our baby recovered and that his weight increased.

We are so grateful for what happened at Samitivej Hospital. We are so happy to see Nico in such fantastic condition and to soon be bringing him home.

Father Testimonial: Stig Ove Aas “When we transferred Nico to Samitivej, we knew immediately that things were different and that everything was going to be okay.”

My experience at Samitivej Hospital was really very good. First, at the other hospital, my wife and I were scared. Our baby Nico was very small, which we knew was dangerous. What was worse was that no one could speak English to us. They ignored our questions. We just kept asking and asking.

When we transferred Nico to Samitivej, we knew immediately that things were different. Everything was very good. The most important thing for us was that the doctor could speak English to us. Dr. Klamklay spoke excellent English. Most of the staff and nurses could communicate with us, and everyone was so professional at Samitivej.

Things actually have gone so well with Nico that we are changing our travel plans with him. At first, we were going to stay in Thailand, but Nico is so strong that we will be taking him back to Norway.

Stig, Ajareeya and Nico Aas

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