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Injured Passenger Makes Happy Landing at Samitivej

Badly injured in violent turbulence, a Russian tourist’s second impression of Thailand is a happy one thanks to Samitivej

After looking forward to a dream holiday in Pattaya and its nearby islands, Russian tourist Tatiana Gushchenko’s first impression of Thailand was not what she had expected. As her plane approached Suvarnabhumi International Airport at the end of her flight from Moscow, Tatiana was badly injured when her plane lurched violently in heavy turbulence. Fortunately for Tatiana, her second impression of Thailand was the excellent care she received at Samitivej. Here we take a look at Tatiana’s story.


On how she was injured

The flight from Moscow to Bangkok had begun as expected for Tatiana. However, her thoughts changed in an instant from lazing on the beach to praying for her life when her plane was suddenly caught up in heavy turbulence. As Tatiana was in the toilet when the turbulence began, she was not restrained by her seat belt and was thrown around violently.

As the plane dropped several meters, Tatiana was smashed against the toilet roof. Despite trying to get a grip of anything to hold onto, she was thrown again and then again. With adrenalin pumping through her body, she was not immediately aware just how badly she was injured. However, as the turbulence abated and the plane came into land, it was clear that she was in a lot of pain.


On her first impressions of Samitivej

When Tatiana arrived at Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital, the most obvious injuries were a cut on her head and problems with her hip and shoulder. Recalling her first impressions of Samitivej, Tatiana explained how quickly and efficiently everything was handled. “I got an excellent doctor to attend to me,” recalled Tatiana. Looked after by Piyawat Iamjan, M.D. and a team of doctors, Tatiana’s head wound was first stitched and she was given painkillers.

“I liked that the doctors performed the procedures immediately and used anesthesia with professionalism,” explained Tatiana. To assess the full extent of her other injuries, Tatiana was given a full body examination and a series of diagnostic texts, including blood tests, x-rays and an MRI scan. Her chest was also drained.


On the care that she received

“I like that the nurses are always ready to help,” said Tatiana. “They are in my room within 5 minutes of me calling for them. Today, I will be discharged. I am just so glad that I can sit and walk by myself now.”

Tatiana also had a special thank you for Piyawat Iamjan, M.D. and the medical team who looked after her. “I particularly appreciated that he thoroughly checked me today before discharging. He said that before my flight back, he will check my condition again. He will remove the stitches on my head and will give me post-operative recommendations.”

Tatiana’s first impression of Thailand may have been a painful one, but thanks toPiyawat Iamjan, M.D. and the whole team at Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital, her second impression was a happier one. “I am very grateful that they all helped me to get healthy again. Thank you.”


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