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The Pediatric Rehabilitation Center offers a comprehensive range of physical treatment and rehabilitation services for children. When treating the physical symptoms of a condition, psychological well being must also be considered. At the Pediatric Rehabilitation Center, the services are delivered by a team of medical professionals specializing in physical therapy, occupational therapy, hydro therapy, psychotherapy and speech therapy. All of our specialists have been trained by leading institutions in Thailand and overseas in keeping with Samitivej standards.

Children are not small adults. Therefore, their medication, treatment and rehabilitation are different. The Pediatric Rehabilitation Center at Samitivej Children’s Hospital understands the importance of providing pediatric services exclusively by pediatric specialists. As such, to provide appropriate treatment plans, our treatment programs are planned together with the family. These treatments include physical rehabilitation programs for both physical and psychological health for special needs children, including those with Down’s Syndrome, developmental delay, autism, cerebral palsy, limb disabilities, structural disabilities, such as scoliosis, and deformed joints in the hip, knee or foot. The Center also regularly holds meetings where our medical team of physicians, physical therapists and occupational therapists for children meet with the children’s parents in order to plan the treatment together. The treatment can vary greatly from child to child based on individual needs from the array of specialties. Individualized and private therapy can include the water exercise for children, under the close guidance and supervision of a personal physical therapist. For children with autism, a team of rehabilitation specialists utilizes Sensory Integration Therapy and the Snoezelen® technique to improve concentration and stimulate learning development.

We specialize in treating pediatric patients with the following conditions:

  • Bone structure and muscle:
  • Children in need of movement development and appropriate growth
  • Children with learning developmental delay or Down syndrome
  • Children with nerve injury, paralysis or spinal cord injury
  • Children with muscle weakness or cerebral palsy
  • Children with physical movement developmental delay or inherited disease
  • Brain and movement disorders:
    • Children with congenital deformities or limb disabilities, and those with non-congenital disabilities
    • Children with muscle, tendon and bone injuries
    • Children requiring the development of sports skills to improve performance and prevent sports injuries, as well as athletes needing to improve their performance through sports medicine techniques
    • Children requiring non-surgical treatment of scoliosis
  • Mental and emotional conditions:
    • Children with autism or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
    • Children requiring advice on pediatric movement and learning development, prevention, treatment and rehabilitation
  • Others
    • Children requiring pulmonary rehabilitation services, such as children with pneumonia
    • Children preparing for surgery
    • Children requiring respiratory rehabilitation services, including breathing exercises for the treatment of asthma

Our Services

1. Medical Services

  • Electromyography (EMG) for children
  • Evaluation, diagnosis and treatment plans by pediatric rehabilitation doctors

2. Physical Therapy

  • Development promotion by physical therapists
  • Total care plan including the promotion of good health as well as condition prevention, treatment and rehabilitation through close coordination between pediatricians, specialists in child development, rehabilitation doctors, psychologists and speech therapists
  • Evaluation of mobility, balance and walking functionality

3. Occupational Therapy

  • Promotion of learning development
  • Evaluation of ability to perform daily activities
  • Swallowing rehabilitation

4. Orthosis and Prosthesis

  • Medical footwear and insoles for patients with deformed feet
  • Ankle foot orthosis for patients with foot drop or calf muscle weakness
  • Leg braces for patients with leg weakness and an inability to stand or walk
  • Back support for patients after back surgery or for those with spine disorders, such as scoliosis

Our Facilities and Medical Technologies

  • Occupational therapy room or concentration room using Sensory Integration (SI) and the Snoezelen® technique with sensory stimulation including sounds and lights to improve concentration and promote learning development
  • Therapeutic pool with salt water chlorinator and ozone system for sanitization that will not irritate the eyes or skin
  • Child development room equipped with electric bicycle and tilt table in an age-appropriate environment
  • VitalStim® therapy for the treatment of swallowing disorders
  • Vojta therapy by pediatric physical therapists who have been specially trained and certified in stimulating children’s development with this method
  • Movement Analysis and Education System (MAES) by pediatric physical therapists who have been specially trained and certified in stimulating children’s development through MAES Movement
  • Integrated Listening System (ILS) by pediatric occupational therapists who have been specially trained and certified in stimulating learning development and improving concentration in children (Focus and Interactive Language) through ILS