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Sex during Pregnancy

Q: Is having sex when pregnant dangerous for my baby?

A: You can have sex during pregnancy, but some mothers may experience a reduced sex drive during the first 3 months due to morning sickness. After that time, however, your sex drive will return, although it may decrease again towards the end of the pregnancy.

Q: When is it safe to have sex?

You can have sex from the start of your pregnancy right up until close to your delivery date, if there are no complications and it is not a high-risk pregnancy.

There will be certain periods during the pregnancy when mothers should have less sex, such as at the beginning of the pregnancy (months 1-3), when mothers often experience morning sickness, fatigue, dizziness or other discomfort. Mothers should also have less sex when they reach 1 month before their delivery date, as during this time, the mother’s physical condition is unsuited to sex. Her baby bump will be at its largest and most strenuous, so she will have difficulty moving and will tire easily. Having sex during this period is therefore not advisable.

In case of pregnancy complications, however, such as bleeding, abdominal pain, placenta previa (low-lying placenta), the threat of miscarriage or the detection of ovarian cysts, the mother should avoid having sex during the first and last 3 months of pregnancy. Therefore, months 4-6 of the pregnancy is the most suitable and least dangerous time for having sex.

Q: Which is the safest sex position?

A: Having sex during pregnancy should be a gentle affair, not too rough or too acrobatic. There should not be too much impact or vibration, and sex positions that tire the mother or put pressure on her baby bump should be avoided.

Suitable sex positions: These include the woman on top or doggy style, because these positions don’t put pressure on the baby bump.

Unsuitable sex positions: These include the missionary position, because the male will have to put his weight on his partner’s baby bump, which can be uncomfortable and distressing, especially when nearing delivery. The baby bump will also be very large by this point, so couples might need to lie sideways together, facing the same direction in a “spooning” position when having sex.

You are also advised not to have sex in cramped or dangerous places, such as in the bathroom or in the sea.

Having a clear understanding of these issues will help mothers to have a quality and happy pregnancy, so that you can welcome your little one into the world with open eyes and go on to build a strong and healthy family together.

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