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Scoliosis….Does it Mean Avoiding Everything?

Scoliosis….Does it Mean Avoiding Everything?

The cause of most scoliosis cases is unknown. Many people wonder what kinds of behaviors cause scoliosis and whether or not some of their actions or behaviors can or are causing scoliosis. What are the true answers to these types of questions?

If You Have Scoliosis…Avoid Becoming a Flight Attendant?
Becoming a flight attendant: the career of your dreams. But that dream is dashed to pieces in an instant because of scoliosis. This is more a matter of airline company policy because mild scoliosis need not have any effect on your lifestyle and work. In terms of posture and appearance, mild scoliosis is barely noticeable. However, lifting or carrying items or pushing the trolley to service airline passengers may cause the curvature to worsen. This means you need to ensure that you are careful and that you care for yourself properly.

If You Have Scoliosis…Avoid Carrying Heavy Shoulder Bags?
Many people believe that carrying heavy shoulder bags causes curvature of the spine. In fact, this is not the case, but it may cause back or shoulder pain. How heavy a bag do you really need to carry? Carrying just what you actually need will be far better for your health.

If You Have Scoliosis…Avoid Thai Massages?
In the case of Thai massage, you have to ask what the purpose of the massage is. If it is for relaxation or to relieve tense, achy muscles, this is no problem. If, however, you are experiencing back pain and the massage causes you to have even more pain, this can cause problems that could even result in having to undergo surgery.

Chiropractic Treatment…Can it Fix Scoliosis?
Chiropractic treatment cannot completely reverse scoliosis or make your spine straight again, and you need to carefully consider the options before you decide to start any form of treatment. To actually correct deformed or misaligned bones without surgery would be highly unlikely. If you are looking to undergo treatment to help with the relief of pain or achiness, then chiropractic care could be considered a viable option, depending on each patient’s individual case.

Physical Therapy…Can it Cure Scoliosis?
With more mild cases of scoliosis, physical therapy may be able to help with the reduction and management of pain, and can also help to increase flexibility that will support and facilitate more successful surgery later on. If spinal curvature is serious or severe, however, then physical therapy alone cannot cure the scoliosis.

Whatever you hear, you must know how to consider the information and its source carefully; find good, reliable supplementary information; and assess yourself as well to see whether or not you are able to do this or that. After all, there is no one who knows your body as well as you yourself.


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