Samitivej Sukhumvit - President Intelligent

Price: 16,200.00 THB  |   -  USD

Facilities & Services:

Room Rates and Service Charges

  • Cost of the room 11,000 Baht/day
  • Service charge 2,000 Baht/day
  • Nursing charge 3,200  Baht/day

Total 16,200 Baht/day

Remark :

  1. The total daily room charge start from the admission time up to the period of 24 hours.
  2. Any stay less than 24 hours, the total daily room charge will be applied in full (24 hours.)
  3. In case of a room charge during the admission, the daily room charge of the higher room type will be applied.
The price list is subject to change without prior notice.

Cost of food

Food Baht/Day
  • Standard Oriental food/Soft diet
  • Standard Western food/Soft diet
  • Standard Japanese food/Soft diet
  • Tube Feeding Blended

For further information, please contact.

Admission Center Call 020-222-222