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Method to do the food allergy test


  • To do the allergy test that the food intake, in what quantity, result worse in or affect adversely against the body, to avoid the food allergy.
  • If the test result passes the provided criteria, it shows that the test receiver could take such kind of food.  The doctor shall recommend for taking such kind of food continuously.
  • If the test result does not pass the provided criteria, the doctor shall give recommendation to suspend the food to avoid the allergy from the actual cause.

Many people are doubtful that we suffer really from the food allergy or not or may have questions that we recover from the food allergy or not. Some people may be hesitated or afraid to take the food. This doubt may cause the food suspension without necessity. Therefore, we wish to introduce you to the food allergy test by taking (OFC) Oral Food Challenge, which causes the confidence to the patient to take the food or causes the patient to know that he is still allergic and must avoid it further.

The food allergy testing method at Samitivej Allergy Center by taking the Oral Food Challenge (OFC) is the food allergy test by providing more doubtful food gradually and following up the symptoms under care of the doctor. The food quantity shall be added every 15-30 minutes up to the proper quantity for the test receiver. In case of allergy, the food allergy test shall be stopped immediately. The doctor shall provide diagnosis and medical treatment further. If the test result is passed, it means that the test receiver could take food of such type. The doctor shall give recommendations to take food of such type continuously at home after the test, but if the test result is found as the allergy, the doctor shall provide recommendations to stop such food type. The period of this food allergy testing method and observation shall be within 2-4 hours. In case of severe allergy, it may take longer time than normal to follow up the symptom.

Methods to do the food allergy test in Bangkok could be divided into 3 types:

  • Method of allergy test, Open Blind type: The test receiver and doctor know the food type subject to test. This method is the food allergy test method being used often and convenient for test.
  • Method of allergy test, Single Blind type: The test receiver does not know the food type. Only the doctor or person in charge of the test knows it.
  • Method of allergy test, Double Blind type: The test receiver and doctor or person in charge does not know on which day the real food (with hidden food subject to test) and on which day the fake food (without food subject to test) is provided, in order to reduce the test bias. The test takes 2 days and is prepared by the food preparer or nutritionist with same form, taste, odor and color on both 2 days, in order to reduce the fear to take the doubtful food. This method meets the standard at the most. When the test is completed, the code shall be shown by the food preparer. This method is often used on the research or if the patient has fear to take the doubtful food and if the patient shall receive the food allergy treatment by mean of the Oral immunotherapy.

Preparation before the food allergy test in Bangkok

  • The test receiver must have no sickness within 7 days before the date of test.
  • Should stop using the Antihistamine before receiving the test at least 1 week, but could use the nose spray with steroid, Leukotriene Antagonist or inhalant with asthma control of steroid type.
  • In case of sickness or necessity to use the emergency asthma spray (Beta 2 agonist), Antihistamine to do treatment of the asthma or sickness. It is recommended to postpone the food allergy test.

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