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Flea ,The danger is nearer

Flea, small habitant in our bedding is the most important danger of the people suffering from the allergy worldwide

In Thailand, flea causes most allergy up to 70 percent among the people suffering from the allergy (nose allergy, asthma and skin rash), stuffed nose in the night, sneezing in the morning, asthma and rash. The flea is very small, smaller than needle, transparent and not visible. The residence of flea includes the mattress, pillow, blanket and bedding near you. The food for living of the flea is the human skin crust. After the flea eats our skin crusts as its food, our skin crusts are left on the bedding 2 grams per month. Although the flea bites our skin, as its mouth is so small, we do not feel hurt. The flea could do contact with our hairs, our clothes, even in our ears and in our mucus. However, the common people have no sickness from flea, but the allergic people have the allergic condition to the severe level i.e. immediate asthma. The patients are allergic to the flea’s dropping because 1 flea could provide 20-30 droppings per day, and in 1 gram of dust from our bedding, it may consist of 200-300 fleas.

Flea likes the human body temperature and could absorb the evaporated water from our skin directly. Flea shall embed itself in our pillow, bolster, bedding and blanket. Therefore, it means that we sleep together with the fleas every night, 7-8 hours per night, and when we turn over our body, its dropping are spread into air and float in air for almost 10 minutes. We breathe 10-20 times per minute and breathe the droppings of flea into our nose and lung 100-200 times per each overturn. Therefore, it is undoubtful that the person being allergic to dust has stuffed nose and cough in the night as the flea and its dropping are with us all the night.

Some people have doubt where flea comes from. This small creature has been in this world since a long time, maybe longer than ant, and certainly, it grows up well with fertile food and water; that is our bedding.

As the next question, how could we eliminate flea from our life? The answer is that we could not eliminate it, but we could reduce the quantity of fleas and its droppings in contact with us. How to do it, must follow on the next page.

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