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Flea and allergy, Section 2 (Dust Elimination)

Several people think that it is difficult and may be impossible to eliminate the flea. The flea elimination in daily life of the patient is easily done because we could block us from the flea and its dropping to improve our allergic symptom. Presently, the elimination or as correct, the reduction of flea and irritants due to the flea  is easily done by focusing on the mostly found flea locations in daily life i.e. mattress, pillow, bolster and blanket.

Because the flea could be killed at the temperature higher than 60 Celsius degree. Therefore, should clean the beddings (bed sheet, pillow case, bolster case and washable blanket) in wet water at temperature of 60 Celsius degree by taking approximately 30 minutes. The washing liquid shall cleanse the dead fleas out of these beddings. Should wash the beddings at least every 2 weeks, but for the mattress, pillow and bolster as well as the blanket filling, which could not be washed, cover with the flea-free fabric being manufactured for this purpose specifically.

The flea-free fabric could be divided as the woven and non-woven types. The expertise doctor on allergy usually give recommendations to use the fully woven fabric (300 fibers/square inches) because the fully woven fabric would not allow the flea dropping to contact with the patient after covering the mattress, pillow, blanket, bolster with the flea-free fabric and clearing the bedroom without doll. As important, do not place carpet within the bedroom or within the house.  From the above actions, the quantity of flea and its dropping in contact with the patient is lessened (lessened 90 percent). The patient’s allergy is reduced, and when the patient uses the nose spray, anti-allergy medicine and nose-cleansing saline water, the nose inflammation would be reduced, and finally, the nose becomes normal, not stuffed, not itchy and not sneezing.

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