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Emergency First Aid Manual – Electrical Shock and Chemical Burn

Electrical Shocks

*Make sure that all power sources are switched off before you approach the victim as high voltage electricity can pass through every objects. So make sure all power is switched off.

Severe cases

The victim’s heart may stop beating and he or she may stop breathing. Administer CPR and immediately bring the AED to stimulate the heart.

*It is possible that the electricity may cause third degree burns to the skin. Administer first aid and immediately send the victim to the hospital.

Chemical Burns

First Aid

  1. If the chemical burn is caused by a dry chemical powder, then brush it off from the skin by using a cloth or a glove, do not contaminate yourself.
  2. Remove the clothes containing the dry chemical powder and avoid contact with the chemical.
  3. If the burn is from contact with acids or alkalis, wash the affected area with a lot of water. If the chemical enters the eye, wash the eyes with as much water as possible before sending the victim to the hospital.

Chemical Safety Symbols

If you are concerned about safety or the safety symbols, then stay away especially when there is a leakage.

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