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Samitivej Children’s Hospital Presents the Samitivej Parenting Center

Empowering parents aimed at developing their
child’s emotional intelligence and resilience

Children who have low self-esteem, are overly afraid, weak-minded, stubborn, resistant or victims of bullying are increasingly common in today’s society. If these children are not given the right care, these behaviors could ultimately affect the development of their whole generation, resulting in adults who are prone to losing their temper and getting easily frustrated, meaning criminality and antisocial behavior become more frequent. It is therefore an issue that needs urgent attention if we are to help our children develop an immunity and ability to cope with difficult situations. Hence, as experts in pediatric healthcare, we at Samitivej Children’s Hospital have opened the Samitivej Parenting Center, a place where families and medical staff can work side-by-side to find solutions to problems associated with a child’s emotional wellbeing in order to build his/her resilience when facing critical situations.

 Surangkana Techapaitoon, M.D., Deputy CEO of the Samitivej and BNH Hospital Group, and Hospital Director of Samitivej Children’s Hospital explained that children in the Greater Bangkok area were found to be up to 2 times less patient than their rural counterparts due to environmental and lifestyle factors associated with living in an urban society. Taking the easy route in terms of childcare or being over-protective of their children, combined with the multitude of technological devices which are making lives more convenient and faster than ever, mean that city children rarely need to show any form of patience. They can speak or express themselves whenever they want, and often do so without thinking about the effects of their actions on others. Such issues require solutions at the outset, including urgently developing their resilience quotient (RQ) or emotional intelligence to ensure they have the necessary capabilities to deal with the tough situations they will face in these modern times.

With these issues in mind, Samitivej Children’s Hospital has developed a Total Health Solution vision, providing both emotional and physical treatment, delivered by our team of over 150 expert pediatricians specializing in a range of disciplines. This vision has led to the opening of the Samitivej Parenting Center, offering advanced pediatric care that not only provides treatments but also acts as a center where doctors can combine forces with parents and guardians to teach them the most effective parenting methods available. This will then enable those parents and guardians to make careful and targeted plans which can be of benefit to their young ones. For example, a child under the age of 6 years who is experiencing issues associated with stubbornness or a short concentration span would not be prescribed drugs at the center because we believe that parents are the best medicine when it comes to adjusting unwanted behaviors. It is not enough for a child only to perform well academically nowadays because they must also show growth in terms of their emotional development. The Samitivej Parenting Center is therefore offering emotional and physical care for children through their family.

Teerakiat Jaroensettasin, M.D., Director of the Samitivej Parenting Center, Samitivej Children’s Hospital, added that the center provides advice to parents and guardians directly on a range of issues, including EF, EQ, resilience and growth mindset, which are all vital aspects regarding emotional development during childhood. Children can then build an emotional resilience alongside critical thinking skills (resilience quotient) that will enable rapid adjustment to any difficulties they may face in their lives, while also being more able to find solutions independently for the various problems they are bound to encounter.

“We must work together in order to reduce the rates of mental illness and unwanted behaviors that can have a detrimental effect on both a child’s quality of life and society as a whole, such as being overly afraid, weak-minded, incapable of facing up to problems, unable to plan effectively, running away from issues, as well as displaying signs of stubbornness, resistance, depression, anxiety, aggression, violence, being confrontational, hurting others or even thinking about taking their own life. This center will assist parents in identifying said issues at their outset, allowing them to find solutions quickly in the form of advice from our team of expert pediatricians, before it’s too late. Such solutions will also help to build up an immunity to mental hardship as our children grow and develop,” explained Dr Teerakiat.

The center will initially open its door to parents and guardians seeking to treat children aged between 2–12 years with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and oppositional defiant disorder (ODD). The treatment will comprise of a practical workshop that has been laid out by eminent professor, Russell A. Barkley, an internationally-recognized pediatrician specializing in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder for parents and guardians gain more information regarding attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and resistant behaviors. The workshop includes how they can build a positive relationship with their child, effective commands, training in behavior management, selecting the right school for their child and treating ADHD effectively. Interested parties may find out more information by calling: 02-378-9125.