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Look@MyBaby® at Samitivej


Thailand’s first ever Virtual Baby VisitTM

Introducing a new baby into the world is a magical life experience.

Samitivej Srinakarin Hospital offers a value-added online service, Look@MyBaby®. Available for the first time in Thailand, for parents in hospital to share the joy with family and friends with LIVE video from the hospital crib. Family and friends can be introduced to the baby via live private video no matter where they are located and without having to physically attend the hospital. It is the Virtual Baby Visit™

Sharing the Happiness

Join now and invite your family and friends to share your excitement counting down to the big day.
After your baby arrives, family and friends will be overjoyed and in awe seeing your new baby in real-time with just one-click of their mobile phone, tablet or computer. It’s that easy. LIVE video Virtual Baby Visits™ for the first hours and days in hospital are perfect for loved ones to meet your little bundle of joy. Online visits mean less interruption to the baby and more parent/baby  bonding time – without anybody missing out! Family and friends can also send digital greeting cards and video well wishes for you and your baby that your family will treasure forever. In years to come these heartfelt keepsakes will help you remember all the joy of this special time. Your personal Look@MyBaby® concierge will be right there in the hospital with you to make sure everything runs smoothly for all the family.

Benefits of Virtual Baby VisitsTM

The Virtual Baby Visit™ is used by parents in postnatal ward rooms, and by hospitals in special care nurseries.

The Virtual Baby Visit™ helps Mum bond with her baby whenever they are separated, for example after caesarian section or when her baby is in the nursery.

Through The The Virtual Baby Visit™ families can see their new member even in the special care nurseries.

Our customers tell us that Virtual Baby Visits™ reduce parents’ anxiety from being separated from their newborns and even helps Mum express milk when she sees her baby online by triggering the let-down reflex.

Infection Control Best Practice by minimising physical visits. Virtual Baby VisitsTM online also mean less disturbance to parents who have more time to bond with their new baby while no-one misses out!

How it Works

Safety of your baby is paramount and simplicity of use is key.
You use your own mobile phone, tablet or computer to control your invitations and family access to the Virtual Baby VisitTM. Grandparents and family use the service with just an ordinary username and password login. Too easy.

Look@MyBaby®s camera unit is medical-grade and custom-designed specifically for the hospital maternity crib. We call it the LambCAM™.

The LambCAMTM sends one-way video showing only your baby in the cot. The video can only be seen by those you invite through theLook@MyBaby® password secured website. No sound is transmitted for privacy protection. Multiple viewers can watch at the same time without you needing to do anything.

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