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Medical Collaboration between Samitivej Children’s Hospital and Doernbecher Children’s Hospital, OHSU


Under the new concept of ‘Hospital in Hospital’ at Samitivej’s Sukhumvit and Srinakarin facilities, Samitivej Children’s Hospital’s total team of 150 doctors is the highest number of pediatricians at any hospital in Thailand. To help bolster our medical expertise, Samitivej recently signed a medical collaboration agreement with Doernbecher Children’s Hospital, a leading pediatric hospital in the U.S. The collaboration was led by Jan Freitas-Nichols, RN, MN, PNP, and Professor Dr. Miles S. Ellenby, MD.

Speaking on the consequences of the agreement, Surangkana Techapaitoon, M.D., Hospital director of Samitivej Children’s Hospital, said that Samitivej now plans to take a step forward by developing a more complete range of international quality services. To this end, Samitivej has sent a group of doctors and nurses to the U.S. to participate in further studies on newborns, critical pediatric patients, complex operations and bone marrow transplants for leukemia.

Samitivej also plans to tap into Doernbecher’s experience to develop activities intended to help provide comfort, companionship and happiness to pediatric inpatients battling illnesses. To support this goal, Samitivej has already established its Child Life Program in which nurses dress up as cartoon characters to cheer up the children staying in the hospital.

During the annual academic meeting in October and November, a team of pediatricians from Doernbecher Children’s Hospital will also be sharing their expertise, knowledge and experience with a team of pediatricians from Samitivej on the “importance of nutrients in mothers and babies to prevent tuberculosis and innovative developments in pediatric care through telemedicine”.

Both hospitals will also be working together to look after critically-ill infants and children, treat rare diseases in children, and develop efficient treatment plans for infants and children with heart disease and complications, as well as for newborns who require complex operations.

All of these measures are designed to enhance medical excellence in pediatric care as part of Samitivej’s continued commitment to child health care.  Samitivej is the first private hospital in Thailand with a Special Needs Child Center and Teen Center to prepare children with special needs to live happily and productively in society. As an internationally-recognized children’s hospital, Samitivej has received accreditation from the Joint Commission International (JCI) from the United States and is also the first hospital outside the United States to receive Clinical Care Program Certification (CCPC) for Childhood Asthma Care. To further support childhood asthma care, Samitivej regularly holds academic training, seminars and meetings both in Thailand as well as other places.


Partnership between Samitivej Children’s Hospital and Doernbecher Children’s Hospital is part of the Thai-U.S. Creative Partnership, a collaborative program between Thailand and the U.S. aiming to help Thailand develop its knowledge-based economy and highlight the value of innovation and creativity.