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Childbirth Classes 2019

Prepare yourself for childbirth and parenthood to welcome a new member to your family

At Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital, we are committed to helping expectant parents prepare for pregnancy, childbirth, and early parenthood. Our programs are led by experienced childbirth educators.

We suggest that you register and choose a class during your 28 weeks to 36 weeks of pregnancy. The classes will cover all of the following topics and activities:

Class One: What is Labour?


  • An understanding of labour
  • How I will know I am in labour
  • When to go to the hospital
  • What to expect when I go to the hospital
  • Birth plans

Class Two: The Miracle of Birth


  • Making labour easier
  • Coping strategies with or without pain relief including position and breathing
  • The role of my partner
  • The actual birth with video

Class Three: Variations on the Normal


  • Emergency birth
  • Caesarean birth (video)
  • Inductions, Episiotomy, Forceps / Vacuum Extractions
  • How I may feel after delivery

Class Four: Breastfeeding


  • How it works
  • Feeling confident in feeding you baby
  • The first few days – What to expect
  • How to breastfeed (position latching)
  • How to know my baby is getting enough
  • Common problems – How to deal with them
  • Expressing and storage of breastmilk

Fee: “Two days workshop”

Costs per couple:

  • A. For Samitivej Sukhumvit patients who have their antenatal care here and plan to deliver their baby here, the fee for the classes will be 2,500 THB.
  • B. For patients who have their antenatal care at Samtiivej Sukhumvit but plan to deliver their baby elsewhere, the fee for the classes will be 8,000 THB.
  • C. In the event that the patients in B changed their plan to deliver their baby at Samitivej Sukhumvit, a refund of 5,500 THB will be returned to them after delivery.

Date and time: Childbirth classes are held on 1st and 2nd Saturday of each month from 8.30 am – 13.00 pm (Total 8 hours)

Venue: Bancha Lamsam Auditorium, 6th floor, Building 2, Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital

Schedule: One class is limited to 10 couples only.

Month First time Second time
January 12 January 2019 19 January 2019
March 2 March 2019 9 March 2019
May 4 May 2019 11 May 2019
June 1 June 2019 8 June 2019
July 6 July 2019 13 July 2019
August 3 August 2019 4 August 2019
September 7 September 2019 14 September 2019
October 5 October 2019 6 October 2019
November 2 November 2019 9 November 2019
December 7 December 2019 14 December 2019


Money Transfer and Payment of Class Fees

  1. For patients who are undergoing antenatal care at Samitivej Hospital and who are also planning to give birth at the hospital, payment can be made on the day of your antenatal class before entering the class.
  2. For outpatients who are not undergoing antenatal care at Samitivej Hospital but who are planning to give birth at the hospital, payment should be transferred to:Bank Name: Bangkok Bank Public Co., Ltd. (Head Office)
    Account Name: Samitivej Public Company Limited
    Account No: 206-3-00479-6
    Swift address: BKKBTHBK

and a copy of proof of transfer as well as a copy of passport/or ID card should be sent to this email address:

For more information and reservations, please contact the
Women’s Health Center
Tel. 0-2022-2321 or Email:

For booking the antenatal classes, please fill in this application.