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AIA Thailand in collaboration with True Digital Group and SAMITIVEJ

Launches “Virtual COVID-19 Clinic”
a teleconsultation service to those with the symptoms or at high risk of COVID-19

Bangkok, 8th April 2020 – Three big companies in Thailand hold hands to support Thai people who are suspected to be infected by COVID-19. AIA Thailand in collaboration with True Digital Group and SAMITIVEJ launches “Virtual COVID-19 Clinic by AIA | True Digital Group | SAMITIVEJ”, a special teleconsultation service to those with the symptoms or at high risk of COVID-19 such as travelling back from high risk countries or contact with high risk people of COVID-19. The consultation service is free of charge and opens everyday with 24 hours operation.

Mr. Aekkaratt Thitimon, Chief Marketing Officer of AIA Thailand said “The situation of COVID-19 outbreak has affected various sections both government, private, SME and people in public. It has psychologically impacted on many people which has led to mental anxiety whether they are infected or not, or in doubt of their symptoms. This anxiety also leads to physical stress affecting both themselves and other people around.  AIA Thailand recognises the difficulty of Thai people in this situation. AIA Thailand then collaborates with True Digital Group, a digital transformation enabler in Thailand and SEA and SAMITIVEJ, a leading hospitals group in Thailand launching “Virtual COVID-19 Clinic” for those with the symptoms or at high risk of COVID-19 to be able to consult with medical specialists from SAMITIVEJ in order to reduce the load at the hospitals. The consultation service is free of charge and can be accessed through

Chairat Panthuraamphorn, M.D., Managing Director and CEO of Samitivej and BNH Hospitals said “This collaboration with AIA and True Digital Group will help relieving distress of people and patients in the situation of COVID-19 outbreak in Thailand. As Thai government has requested people to stay home in order to contain the COVID-19 outbreak, there are some people who are worried, in doubt or at high risk of COVID-19 and in need to consult with medical specialists. SAMITIVEJ acknowledges this concern and helps resolving by using Samitivej Virtual Hospital, a telemedicine service, enabling a real-time interactive between patients and doctors. The service provides convenience to patients by not travelling to hospitals in order to reduce the risk of COVID-19 infection. We also designed this service to be easily and widely accessible since physical and mental health is necessary and should not be neglected.


Mr. Ekaraj Panjavinin, Managing Director for Digital Solutions of True Digital Group revealed “As the situation of COVID-19 outbreak has been worried by many sectors in Thailand, True Digital Group as a Digital Health Technology Partner is ready to support our expert partners both AIA and SAMITIVEJ to relieve worries and concerns of people with the symptoms of COVID-19 and to enable them to consult with online medical experts 24 hours. This collaboration is the first step of True Digital Group as the leader in innovation and technology to enable digital capabilities for every business and everyone in the society, by delivering healthcare-related technology, or HealthTech. The Virtual COVID-19 Clinic collaboration aims to provide consultation service with free of charge to ensure that every Thai can use this useful service equally during this challenging time. Additionally, True Digital Group will move forward with Healthcare Technology (HealthTech) Development and collaborate with top-of-the-line partners such as leading hospitals and insurance companies, to bring services that will better the health of Thai people.”

“This teleconsultation service opens for people who have the symptoms or at high risk of COVID-19, they can access to this service by themselves at home and do not need to travel to hospitals. The service also aligns with government measure of ‘Stay home and stop the spread of the virus for the sake of the nation’. In addition, if diagnosing as the patient can only take the medicine at home, Samitivej Hospital will deliver medicine as per prescription to your home for free with a special discount on medicine of 20%. This cooperation also matches AIA’s brand promise of ‘Healthier, Longer, Better Lives’. AIA promises to support Thai people during this challenging time of the Covid-19 outbreak” Mr. Aekkaratt Thitimon added.

The “Virtual COVID-19 Clinic” opens from 8 April to 10 May 2020 for those with the symptoms or at high risk of COVID-19  with free of charge and can be accessed through or scan QR Code. For more information, please contact Samitivej Hospital at 02-022-2222, AIA Call Center 1581 or True Digital Solutions Call Center 02-114-7129.


– The service is only for online consultation, excluding COVID-19 test fee.
– The service provider is SAMITIVEJ which is not included in AIA Group and AIA Group management. AIA is not responsible for any service and offer provided by SAMITIVEJ.
– Service rights apply to
conditions as designated by AIA Thailand, True Digital Group and SAMITIVEJ. Conditions and period of service are subject to change. Service as designated by SAMITIVEJ.

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