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Samitivej and SCB launch disruptive healthcare campaign

“We want you healthy, not ill”
Samitivej and SCB launch disruptive healthcare campaign


June 26, 2018 – In celebrating its 39th anniversary, Samitivej Hospital today kicked off its “Once that matters” health prevention campaign. The hospital focuses on prevention to help people stay healthy and not fall ill. The #OnceThatMatters campaign raises awareness that taking a preventive measure once matters for health in long run. In cooperation with Siam Commercial Bank SCB, local and international partners, Samitivej will use advanced technology to create a “healthcare disruption”. The entire medical service offers will be upgraded to ensure impressive technological assistance to patients in this digital age.

The offers provided by Samitivej include medical innovations that help patients unveil the body’s hidden secrets and prevent health risks, such as cancer. The “Samitivej Plus” application, developed in cooperation with Siam Commercial Bank’s digital technology arm Digital Ventures, for the first time enables patients to check their hospital queue number on their own mobile device and receive information online in real time, from registration to picking up medicine. In addition, the new premium “The First Lounge and SCB Investment Center” lounge will enhance the patients’ experience.

Chairat Panthuraamphorn, M.D., CEO of Samitivej and BNH hospitals, said, “As we are celebrating the 39th anniversary of the group, we are guided by the concept “Once that matters”. [i3] We designed all products and services to help people stay healthy, since we know that an illness not only affects patients, but also their families, friends and work, and in the end the national economy. Thai public healthcare spending exceeds 400 billion baht per year, not including private medical spending, and the trend is growing. With this in mind, we are committed to developing innovations and services to minimize people’s health risks.”

Samitivej has cooperated with a number of leading hospitals in Thailand and other countries in offering medical innovations and technologies that enable people to discover their specific health risks and then prepare them well. For example, genetic analysis by advanced precision medicine can predict a person’s possible health problems. In cooperation with Sano Hospital of Japan, Samitivej introduces the latest technology that can discover or predict the possibility of colon and gastric cancer.

By continually striving to improve medical treatment and health risk prevention for child patients, Samitivej also has a partnership with Oregon Health & Science University (USA) and with the Doernbecher Children’s Hospital in Portland, Oregon, which has been named the best children’s hospital in the United States.

In addition, Samitivej offers “Divine”, an innovative health program custom-tailored to the individual patient. Divine uses precision medicine technology for “Personal Health MappingTM“, in order to develop individual healthcare programs. Divine programs includes telomere genetic age test and analysis to identify cell age and potential diseases and health problems, enabling Samitivej to help prevent health risks.

Samitivej also offers “Total Health Solution” for preventive diagnosis, which assists medical specialists in drawing appropriate preventive measures for anyone of any age.

In terms of customer services, Samitivej has cooperated with Digital Ventures in developing applications that suit new generation lifestyle. “Samitivej Plus” connects Samitivej’s information services together. The application enables patients to check the waiting queue while receiving information in real time where to go next for what service.

The application will guide patients through every step, from the very first moment of arriving at the hospital. Patients can also request a doctor’s appointment online, view their medical history and make fast and easy payments.

Customer experience is another area of focus. The new “First Lounge and SCB Investment Center”, a premium lounge in a garden, provides an impressive one-stop-service at Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital. Patients are served healthy drinks in a relaxing atmosphere. At Samitivej Srinakarin Hospital, a huge panorama displays beautiful pictures of tranquil nature, ensuring a relaxing and calming environment.

Dr. Chairat said, “Throughout the past 39 years and for many years to come, Samitivej remains committed to being a friendly hospital for all, with medical excellence and impressive services that best address modern lifestyle.”

Mr. Arthid Nanthawithaya, President and CEO of Siam Commercial Bank PCL, said, “Digital technology has become an integral part of all businesses. Consumer behavior also changes significantly. SCB therefore has a mission to change and cope with the new environment. We build the digital platform in parallel with the customer experience platform.”

“Samitivej’s vision and commitment to medical innovation and digital technology-driven services for better quality of life match well with SCB’s direction in cooperating with partners to develop digital platform for mutual growth. This cooperation with Samitivej therefore marks a significant milestone for both of us in creating a pleasant ecosystem in hospital, which is driven by digital technology and big data.”

The “Samitivej Plus” application is the first in the industry that links patients’ mobile devices with the hospital’s queueing system. Patients can see where they are in the queue through “My Queue” function. They see what they will have to do next, from registration to seeing a doctor, picking up medicine and making payment.

“Samitivej FastPay” makes payments more convenient. Patients can simply scan their specific QR code at any FastPay Station, without having to wait at the cashier counter.

SCB also offers a SCB Investment Center at “The First Lounge and SCB Investment Center”, highlighting the importance of physical and financial health.

Mr. Arthid said, “The cooperation with Samitivej Hospital today is a new page in Thailand’s hospital and business history. This the first time that we see health, finance and digital technology meet and combine, with the aim to lift health service quality for people,” said Arthid.