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EQ and IQ can be developed at a young age


  • Children at this age also use their imagination and create fantasy worlds
  • Parents should not limit the power of their child’s thinking.
  • Creativity and curiosity enhance the child’s progress and development at all times.


All parents realize the importance of proper EQ and IQ development for their children. Although genetic disposition likely plays an important role in such development, parents can also help their children develop and improve EQ and IQ so that they grow toward their full potential.


Before and during pregnancy

– The mother must stay healthy, get the necessary vaccinations, and take folate before pregnancy.

– During pregnancy, regular check-ups are very important .Take vitamins, iron and calcium supplements as advised by an obstetrician.  Avoid being contact with people who are sick.

– Maintain a healthy diet to promote development of the baby’s brain during the pregnancy.


How to take care of a baby after birth

1st Period: From birth1yearold

EQ: Understand the baby’s cries and identify his needs based on the timing, character of crying and body language to know when he is feeling hungry, sleepy, bored or wet. If the baby is happy after your response, it means that you correctly responded to the baby’s needs. Therefore, the baby will trust you and feel that he is loved and accepted. This feeling helps promoting his self-confidence and self-esteem.


IQ: The baby at this age explores the surroundings through senses, such as sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. Give the baby lots of hugs and let him see colors, hear various voices and noises, and touch the surrounding objects.  The baby at this age learns about the surroundings as well as himself.


1 3years old

EQ: Toddler starts to express emotions. You should understand your child’s emotions and realize that it is normal to feel angry, frustrated or jealous. You should not be too worried about this or think that your child is abnormal because everyone has feelings. However, it is important to teach your child to identify and express their feelings in socially appropriate ways. For example, encourage your child to use words to express his feelings or take a time out when he is getting upset. Hitting and scolding are not appropriate and will not be accepted .You should teach your child about simple rules and boundaries so that he can live well with other people in a larger society, as school.


IQ: Toddlers also like exploring the environment outside their home. They become more independent and want to do things their own way and sometimes they may not want to follow their parents’ directions. You should let your child explore objects inside and outside the home in a safe environment under close supervision. To increase your child’s experience, you should take your child to age appropriate places in order to promote his abilities and thinking processes.


Learning Age:3 10years old

EQ and IQ: Children at this age learn about social etiquette and rules, both at school and during interactions with their friends. Parents play an important role in encouraging their child to understand and live happily with people in society. You have to be good role models for your child and point out the benefits of respecting the rules and rights of others so that people can live together peacefully.


Children at this age generally reach an age of reason. They always ask questions and seek explanations. Children learn through trial and error. This can help them find their interest and develop their self-esteem and self-confidence. Parents should give their child a compliment when he does well or successes.  However, when your child does something wrong or fails, refrain from any form of abuse whether it is verbal or physical. Instead, offer encouragement and point out that making mistakes or failure is not anything to be ashamed of. In contrast, we all learn from mistakes so that we do not run the risk of repeating them. Parents should point out that child’s attempt during the process of doing something is more important than the end result. If they still make determined attempt and don’t give up, finally, they will succeed one day.


Children at this age also use their imagination and create fantasy worlds .Through expressing his imagination, a child may often talk about fantasy, which may seem impossible in the opinions of adults. However, parents should open their minds and listen to their child’s opinions and give him a chance to do things that he likes. Parents should not limit the power of their child’s thinking or impose their own beliefs because creativity makes the child different from all others. Creativity is one of a path to success. People use their creativity to make new inventions in the world. Creativity and curiosity enhance the child’s progress and development at all times, even after graduation. Without proper encouragement, these skills will disappear when they grow up.


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