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Daughter is growing up quickly

Your daughter is growing up quickly and getting taller everyday. Parents might be ecstatic, but please take caution because it might not be such a good thing.

Whether she is becoming a young lady too prematurely or not, Dr. Kansuda Ariyawatkul at Samitivej Hospital Thonburi will be able to answer.

Most girls start to become a woman from around 8 – 13 years old. So if she develops before 8, it means that she has premature development. If she develops later that 13 years old, then she develops later than usual.

The easiest way to tell is to look at her breasts. If she begins to feel pain in her breasts or start to have dense tissue mass, it means that she is developing her breasts. If your daughter start to have breasts at 7 years and 8 months old, that is considered early and you should consult a doctor. A bone x-ray should be able to determine her bone age. If it is similar to her age, then it will not affect her height and their is no need to get treatment to slow down development. But the doctor will have a follow up assessment about 3 – 6 months later to make sure that she is not developing prematurely. Doctors have seen that some times the breasts will cease to develop by themselves with out treatment.

If left unattended, your daughter my develop prematurely. Some parents did not know these signs and found out when their daughter started having her period. She started growing taller very quickly compared to other girls and parents were happy about it. But, unfortunately, it turned out that she stopped growing once she started having her period. A bone x-ray revealed that she would no longer grow and it was too late to treat.

So if you are uncertain about your daughter’s development, please consult a pediatric endocrinologist to get some medical advice.

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