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What to Do for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


  • Stress, irregular eating patterns, insufficient nutrition, as well as a lack of rest and exercise, these are all potential factors behind the onset of chronic fatigue syndrome.
  • Aside from the negative impacts that chronic fatigue syndrome has on one’s professional and social life, neglecting to treat the condition could also lead to other chronic health disorders.

These types of symptoms may be signals that your body is experiencing imbalances that could lead to serious health disorders.

It is easy to see how modern society can be full of pressures, be it the way we hurry around at work or the stress that accumulates from simply leading our daily lives. Many people use up all their energy trying to cope with the daily stress-inducing problems that arise. They may not eat at the right times or don’t get the appropriate vitamins and minerals the body requires. They might also not rest and exercise enough.

These are all potential factors causing the the body to feel more and more fatigued, until the point that some people may not even have the energy to work. They start drinking too many caffeinated beverages to provide them with an energy boost. For some, drinking several cups of coffee a day is still not enough to keep them going, and the longer their coffee habit goes on, the more exhausted they become.

Eventually, this fatigue will cause a reduction in immune system strength, hormonal deficiencies and decreasing metabolic rates, leading to difficulties in regulating weight. Over time, if left untreated, this can cause a deterioration in overall health that may lead to various health disorders, such as abdominal obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and allergies.

It is clear, therefore, that what may begin as a general feeling of fatigue can in fact lead to chronic health disorders if aforementioned symptoms are neglected and not given the appropriate attention.

What can be done to restore your energy levels?

  • Get plenty of rest.
  • Make sure your diet is balanced, consisting of the five main food groups consumed in moderation, with an emphasis on safe vegetables and fruits that are low in sugar, as well as drinking enough water.
  • Practice non-competitive forms of exercise, such as yoga.
  • Focus on relaxation and stress relief.
  • Avoid consuming food and drinks that contain stimulants, for instance coffee, because this will cause the body to work harder, leading to more fatigue in the long run.
  • Attend a consultation with an anti-aging specialist to receive recommendations and advice about various aspects of fatigue and its treatment, including dietary supplements that support the body’s energy production, such as vitamin B, vitamin C, coenzyme Q10 and other supplements.

People tend to view coffee as a solution to combat lack of energy. The truth is that it can have long-term negative consequences on the body. When we feel fatigued, it is our body’s way of telling us that we’ve been working too hard. The body needs the right amount of rest, vitamins and minerals to support energy production. Coffee, however, acts as a stimulus which causes the body to work even harder. Thus, you will find that when the effect of the coffee runs its course, the body will feel more fatigued. People then become addicted to the caffeine hit, drinking coffee in ever more increasing volumes. All of this has a negative effect on the long-term health of our bodies.

Which dietary supplements are the most effective?

Select trusted brands and consume them in amounts suited to your individual needs and at the appropriate time intervals. When some vitamins are consumed in large amounts over an extended period of time, it can lead to a buildup that has the potential to affect your health negatively. You should therefore familiarize yourself with the product information, or attend a consultation with a specialist before you start taking any supplements.

Additionally, the aforementioned symptoms of fatigue can often be caused by a health disorder. If you experience any irregularities regarding your health, be sure to seek medical advice from a professional.

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