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Burn Unit

1st Floor
24 Hours
66 (0) 2022-2222 Press 1

Burn Unit: Providing a full range of services that conform to standardized accident and emergency practices. The unit offers a complete set of services, starting from critical emergency all the way through to rehabilitation that enables patients to recover and return home. Facilitated by a multidisciplinary team, all our services meet internationally recognized standards, including the latest medical devices, strict measures to prevent and manage infections, and a commitment to meeting clinical practice guidelines for burn patients.

Burn Unit services

  1. Positive pressure room to prevent infections
  2. Hydrotherapy including movement support devices for patients

Burn Unit is capable of treating the following types of burns:

  • Patients who have sustained 2nd degree burns to > 10% for children and > 20% for adults of their total body surface area
  • Patients with 2nd and 3rd degree burns to their face, eyes, ears, hands, feet and/or areas surrounding their sexual organs
  • Patients of any age who have sustained full-thickness burns
  • Electrical burns caused by electric shocks of > 1,000 volts or from a lightning strike
  • Chemical burns
  • Inhalation injuries resulting from hot smoke or steam