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Beauty From the Inside Out Matching Your Beauty Style


All women have different lifestyles.  Premature skin aging is the result of several factors.  Being healthy and beautiful from the inside out is therefore also different for each woman. Here are different profiles representing different lifestyle.

Nerdy Woman


You are a bookworm or have an addiction to the internet.  You like to stay home and don’t have much exposure to the sunlight.  You always get up late.  You rarely exercise.


Dull skin from the damaging effects of chronic free radicals, insufficient sleep, lack of vitamin D from the sun.

Basic Tips

Eat foods that contain antioxidants for eye health such as berries, spinach, leafy greens, corn, etc.  Try to stay in the sun about 10-15 minutes a day.

Advance Tips

Have general health check-ups and blood tests to identify free radicals and vitamin D in the blood so as to ensure appropriate vitamin D status.

Outdoor Woman


You are into sports.  You like outdoor activities such as golf, diving, archery, etc.  You always enjoy life.


Freckles, blemishes, or dark skin from UV radiation.

Basic Tips

Eat foods that keep the skin healthy such as carrots, pumpkins, pomegranates, yoghurt, etc.

Advance Tips

Consult a doctor about the advantages and disadvantages of external skin treatment such as laser or intense pulsed light treatment, and skin treatment from within such as eating foods that contain antioxidants for skin restoration, e.g. pine bark extract, grape seed extract, pomegranate extract, etc.

Foodie Woman


You have foodie habits and your motto is to eat well.  You are not afraid of being fat.  You always look for delicious food and you never forget to post photos of food on Instagram before eating.


Overweight, obesity, hidden inflammation, and chronic free radicals

Basic Tips

Reduce eating frequency at restaurants.  Try to eat more vegetables and salads.  Exercise regularly to burn off excess fat.

Advance Tips

Have regular health check-ups for diabetes and high cholesterol, and anti-aging tests for chronic free radicals and hidden inflammation.  Healthy skin comes from good inner health.

Beauty Tips from Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital

“Beauty definitely comes from within and it’s the inner beauty that counts.  Happiness reflects on your eyes and skin.  True beauty comes from within.”

Photo Credit: Luci Correia via Compfight cc

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