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Back Pain During Pregnancy


A child is a precious gift and there is nothing better than seeing your own child develop perfectly. But even before a child is born into this world, the mother must carry and care for her unborn baby for nine trying months. During the pregnancy, the mother has to accept the burden of  changes in her figure, increased weight, emotional stress and mental instabilities. It is a difficult task that every loving mother is willing to go through for her unborn child.

With the inconvenience of the weight gain during the pregnancy, it is very difficult for the expectant mother to perform even routine bodily movements, whether it’s getting up, sitting, standing, or walking. The expectant mother now has to strengthen her back to perform such actions. Just standing will cause pain in her back, so it’s hardly surprising that back pain is a very common condition among pregnant women. Although back pain is not dangerous, it can be so uncomfortable that some women need to seek medical advice. During the 3rd to 4th months, the pain may be mild, but at a later stage when the weight has increased and the belly is bulging forward, it takes a lot of energy for the expectant mother just to get up or sit in a normal position. Back pain inevitably follows.

Back pain occurs as a result of heavy use of the spine, which is comprised of bones connected by disks and tendons. During pregnancy, women experience hormonal changes as their body adjusts and grows. Joints and the pelvis become loose, and the expectant mother has to use even more energy to straighten her posture. As her weight increases, she will need to lean backwards to balance her body when performing simple activities like standing or walking. This causes pain in the legs and back.

Some mothers are fortunate enough not to have to work during the pregnancy and have a chance to rest. In such cases, back pain is not so much of a problem. On the other hand, the majority of pregnant women do not have such luck, especially those who are required by their work to stand all day long. It is advisable to spend as much time possible  resting. You could not imagine how hard it is for pregnant women to carry the weight of the fetus. Apart from the increased weight, there are some other habits that can cause or exacerbate  back pain.

What pregnant women should do to avoid back pain:

  • Be careful when sitting, getting up or making any movement. It is recommended that pregnant women spend more time resting during the pregnancy than they would normally do
  • When sitting, keep the back straight and lean against a firm back support. It would be even better to have a pillow to support the lower back and neck
  • Do not sleep on a bed that is too soft as it may cause the back to bend the wrong way, leading to back pain. It is recommended that pregnant women sleep on their side with a pillow supporting the legs
  • Do not stand for a long time. It is recommended that pregnant women alternate sitting and lying down as much as possible. If you are required to stand for a long time, avoid wearing high-heel shoes
  • Avoid lifting heavy objects

Preparation for the delivery is very important. For this reason, expectant mothers should do some research, and the expectant fathers can be a help, too. It is important that both partners learn together, support each other, and give each other moral support. Pregnancy makes expectant mothers weak and exhausted as a result of blood loss. But thanks to the nature of being a mother, these women would give everything to take a very good care of their baby in both the pregnancy and through breastfeeding. Therefore, fathers can play a very important role by giving their moral support.

Currently, there are many courses designed to give new parents proper instruction on what to do both before and after the delivery in order for them to provide their baby with the best care. Take your spouse’s hand and join a course together.
An appropriate place in which the new mother can recover needs to be an environment that is safe for both the mother and the newborn. Slippery items should be avoided in order to prevent accidents.

Equally important is the correct uses of toilet spray hoses, turn them to their lowest setting. There are two types of deliveries: Caesarian and natural. For the latter, it causes a scar to the vagina. Imagine when you cut yourself. It is very painful. Then how much would it hurt that soft spot when it is hit by a stream of water.

There are various types of toilet spray hoses that allow you to adjust the stream of water. These are designed to be easy to use by just one touch, which should be helpful for new mothers.

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