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Allergy diagnosis in depth in molecularlevel


  • Checking the allergen by mean of Immuno CAP ® ISAC is the allergen checking in molecule level of protein and could specify up to 112 types of molecule components in the allergen.
  • Checking the allergen by mean of Immuno CAP ® ISAC is the checking by using less blood quantity, reduces the problem of falsetest and could specify the cross-over allergy of protein. It causes the diagnosis and treatment of the allergy to be more efficient.
  • Checking the allergen by mean of ImmunoCAP ® ISAC is suitable for the patient allergic to several substances or patient with record not relative with the symptom.

Diagnosis of allergy with new method Immunocap ISAC and Skin Allergy Test

When the doctor is doubtful that you may suffer from the allergy, in addition to the record checking and physical examination, the doctor may do a special skin allergy test to support the diagnosis and search for the allergy cause. This special skin allergy test is useful to plan the medical treatment and support the decision that which allergy immune the patient should receive.

The special allergy test of skin to search for the allergy cause being accepted and evidenced that it is relative to the patient’s symptom is the Immunoglobin E test (IgE) in specific type to each type of allergen. 2 methods are commonly used i.e. skin prick test and blood test with the following details:

Skin Prick Test (SPT)

This method is the most popular skin allergy test at Samitivej Allergy Center as the test of reaction of Immunoglobin E (IgE) to such substance by dropping the allergen subject to test on the skin and pricking the epidermis. The patient being allergic to the allergen shall have the reaction as wheal and flare.

Blood test to check the Immunoglobin E (IgE) being specific to the allergen (Specific IgE)

Allergy testing with blood could be used for the person without impossibility of the Skin Prick Test. The Patient is not necessary to stop the anti-allergy medicine, and it is not risky for the severe allergic reaction, but allergy testing with blood is more expensive and takes longer for analysis than the Skin Prick Test. In the past, Thailand used 2 techniques of test of Specific IgE as follows:

  • Immunoblot or Western blot technique:
    • Advantage – This technique could detect several allergens at the same time and in lower price than the Immuno Cap Technique.
    • Restriction – It is reported in approximate quantity. It sometimes causes the restrictions of reading.
  • Immuno Cap:
    • Advantage – It is reported in quantity of KuA/L units. The reading and diagnosis could be done better.
    • Restriction – Could detect each type of the allergen, and it costs more expensive than the Immunoblot Technique.

Checking the allergen with the Immuno CAP ® ISAC Technique

Presently, new technique of allergy testing blood is used in Thailand i.e. Immuno CAP ® ISAC to check the allergen in depth, in molecule level, of protein by mean of the Biochip Technology. This allergy testing with blood method can separate and specify the protein component in allergen (Allergen component) up to 112 types of protein components from the total 51 allergens.

Advantage of the Immuno CAP ® ISAC Technique

  • Use less quantity of blood, only 2 CC, on test.
  • Reduce the problem of falsetest because this test is done in depth to the protein level. The doctor could use the test result for the diagnosis to detect the actual allergen., in order to cause the diagnosis and allergy treatment to be more efficient.
  • Could provide diagnosis of the cross-reactive protein allergens
  • Report the value in the range of 0.3 – 100 ISU-E (ISAC Standardized Units)

Restrictions of Immuno CAP ® ISAC

  • The total price is more expensive than Immuno Cap, but upon calculation of the types of the allergen, the price is lower than the general test. Therefore, in the patient being allergic to several substances i.e. allergic to the allergen in food and allergen on the respiratory system, the test with Immuno CAP ® ISAC costs cheaper than the general Immuno Cap Technique.

Whom is the Immuno CAP ® ISAC suitable for?

  • Person being allergic to several types of allergen
  • Person, who previously received other allergen test methods, and the test result shows the allergy to several allergen types. This method causes the diagnosis to be more accurate because it could explain the cross reactivity.
  • Person with record not relative with the symptom or not relative with other test method
  • Patient with unknown immediate allergy (Idiopathic anaphylaxis)
  • Useful for providing the data and explanation if the patient provides no response to the allergy treatment.


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